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  1. A little heavier ...


  2. VCouto

    The Last Post Wins!

    "I only know that I know nothing"
  3. As in real life, a curious can generate other accidents. :/
  4. VCouto

    How did you come up with your username?

    I started with the standard of my accounts in social networks and games - vitorcsilva01. When I went through two VTCs, I changed it with her name followed by my - [VTC] Vitor Before leaving, I joined the escort group where I manage, and because my entire family has "Couto" in the name, put VCouto there and now brought as an official nickname.
  5. VCouto

    [4 May] Asian Real Operations

    Very good idea of the event. I will attend.
  6. VCouto

    How would YOU cope with this?

    Virtually all have suffered or witnessed this. The only thing to do is "let it roll", record your game and finally report the player. :/
  7. Great Mr. Aluizio or rather "my boss," thank you for all that you have helped us, taught, explained in these years!  We are immensely grateful for everything.  Hope to see you "red" again.  Big hug <3



    1. aluizio'


      @VCouto, thank you for your kind words :wub:

  8. VCouto

    Try to get there to 0! (V2)

  9. VCouto

    Show more consideration

    Unfortunately there are many players like that, without consciousness at the wheel. :/
  10. VCouto

    The Last Post Wins!

    It will only end when it comes to the end. :p
  11. Good afternoon <3 


    1. SuperHoops


      Good afternoon, nice photo :D 

    2. [VIVA] TruckerJ

      [VIVA] TruckerJ

      Good afternoon from VIVA!


    3. LHNtrumpetBr


      Good afternoon bro!!