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  1. its not really how many coding you know, its more of how good you are with it, in most cases and coding programs you need to know the basics, and the rest youll learn really fast(if you are good at it and prepared to expand your knowledge). take a car for example, there are hundred of differened cars, they are all the same or very similar when it comes to driving, but the biggest difference is in mechanics between "manual/automatic, electric/fuel". driving them is easy, servicing them is hard, but if you know the basics and you are good at what you do, youll figure out even the electric car. even if you spent your whole life working only on fuel cars. hope you get my point.
  2. the rules are simple: Be the last person to comment on this topic
  3. sto se mene osobno tice, uvijek mozes ubaciti taj jedan ili 2 razlicita linka, nema veze sto pucaju, kad tad ces naci linkove koji nepucaju, a do tada nek bude sta bude a plus uvijek mozes reci da su npr extra fm za sada nestabilni ili u fazi testiranja i da ce se tokom vremena naci rijesenje kad vise nece pucati, na taj nacin ti ljudi nece prigovarati jer si napisao da nisu neke radio stanice usavrsene i da su u fazi usavrsavanja(nesto kao early alpha igre, dokle god neizađu iz early alpha, mogu se ocekivati velike promjene) tako nesto i ti napravis, ako zelis naravno lp i sretno.
  4. pozdrav, dobar mod svaka cast, ali me cudi da nitko jos nije zatrazio extra FM, osim ako je vec unutar moda i ja ga nisam primjetio?
  5. CoNnEcT955

    juhu firma

    Shadii you forgot to lock it, thank you.
  6. hello mister Kap. just a friendly reminder, not all balkans(ex yugoslavians) read serbian(čirilica), actually i am pretty sure most of balkans(especially new generation) does not read serbian, unless they are from serbia. but for example i havent yet, especially on internet meet a serbian person(or any other person from balkan) that doesnt read Alphabet, mostly cause thats also main writing for english language, and english as you know is main language for the entire world. you should find a community manager that speaks serbian to translate it to alphabet as well. thank you for reading and btw you forgot to lock it.
  7. i can only dream of clean dekstop, i once a month delete unnecessary stuff and also add even more unnecessary but at the time when i added it, it was all necessary, but over time most of the stuff added becomes unnecessary. but this is the current stage of how my mess and i just the other day had it cleaned up a little
  8. cannot provide pics cause i am using a laptop and i move allot, from houses and places i put my laptop, to even countries hehe Notebook: Asus G750JZ-T4039D (G750 Series) Processor: Intel Core i7 4700HQ Graphics Adapter: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M Display: 17.3 inch, 16:9, 1920x1080 pixels Headset: Speed Lnk Medusa NX 5.1 Mouse: XScroll - Genius ... gets the job done same as 100+ euro/dollar mouse
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