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  1. Watch it happen or make it happen ;)
    Photo captured by @ffracing

  2. Our website was down for some time for maintenance. But it’s back again! If you couldn’t find the Apply page, please go to our website and try again. Thanks
  3. [FTC] iamRHT

    If you become a game moderator

    What will be the first thing you would do if you become a game moderator? Well I would probs buy a Scout, apply the police skin and go for a drive then of course I will have tons of duties as a GM, so I'll pay attention to that What about you?
  4. Thanks for the kind words @Ker35 <3
  5. [FTC] iamRHT

    Hot topic #12: Virtual companies

    I was in Viva at some time, totally loved it! However, I had to leave for some things being said to me. But Viva was the first VTC I was in. Made a lots of friends After leaving Viva, I joined a few VTCs from my country but I no longer had that feeling I used to have in Viva. Then I decided to start my own VTC, came up with the name "Forza" which is the Italian word for Force. Now doing pretty well with over 148 drivers What matters the most is, I've got a different kind of family in the TMP community, I name it my Forza Trucking Co.
  6. [FTC] iamRHT

    New Login Screen (In-Game)

    Suggestion Name: New Login Screen Suggestion Description: We've been seeing the same login screen for quiet a long time. For a huge mod like TruckersMP, the design doesn't really go with the mod. I mean, TMP devs are ofc capable of coming up with a better design. Why not? Not only does it look good but also it brings a new feel to the experience. Maybe add some better images (you'll find lots of 'em on the forum) add some blur and stuff. Pretty sure devs know way more than I do Any example images: None Why should it be added?: A better login screen or I should say page will make TMP look kinda better Also, it's been a long time since TMP updated their login screen. (In-game)
  7. Yay! #FTCForLife :P
    Picture credit: @[FTC] ffracing75 :wub:

  8. We did it! Again! For the second time in January 2019 <3
  9. Hello! Try joining the server again @AlvaroTrucker
  10. [FTC] iamRHT

    /fix or f7

    Hey there! Well I usually use /fix whenever I have more than 20% damage. If I have more than 20% damage and I can't /fix anytime soon then I just pull over and load my latest auto save. Waiting to read about others
  11. Congrats Matt <3

    1. MattTM


      Thanks RHT <3

  12. Our application system is now working again. Please feel free to apply Also, we're now on Twitter @forzatruckingco
  13. Celebrating1Year Discord: https://discord.gg/YZy4SNu VTC Slots (all the slots except for 13,14 & 15 are booked): https://imgur.com/a/nwowEi0 VTCs Attending: Viva Trucking, RomaniaElit, PolarTransport, Fast Cargo VTC, Falcon Trucking, Prime Logistics, Legend Truckers Bangladesh (LT-BD), ConSecGroup & Solar Transport
  14. All our slots are now booked and we are not accepting any more slot now. VTCs Attending: Forza Trucking Company Falcon Trucking Fast Cargo Prime Logistics LKW Transport Solar Transport Red Line Cargo RomaniaElit RomaniaElit Legend Truckers Bangladesh (LT-BD) Polar Trans ConSecGroup TST Group Quality Express Atlas
  15. Our application system might not work as it’s supposed to work for a few hours. Please join our discord first if you would like to join us Forzatrucking.com/discord
  16. Hello there! I think the intention behind this proposal is obviously good. No doubt about that. And yes, it is indeed a fact that we get to see a huge amount of reckless drivers. I am pretty sure the upper staff members are aware of this issue. We are lucky enough that we have a very good ban system. However, as you've mentioned that it will require Tests and stuff for the White listed server. TMP now has over 2 million users and having such a system is not only a very lengthy process but also pretty tough to keep track of. Therefore, I don't think they will come up with something like that but I surely would love to have such a server. But I am pretty sure our upper staff members will soon come up with something to solve the issue Just shared my opinion here.
  17. Hello there, I think it will be a game changer for all the MAN lovers out there. We've been waiting for the MAN Eu6 for quite some time now. I think by adding more trucks to the game they are making it more interesting for drivers. You simply can't get bored of ETS2, why? Because SCS software is always updating the game. Offtopic but that Renault truck looks so good too! Can't wait to drive these two
  18. [FTC] iamRHT

    If you become a game moderator

    I think I know that but you've worked hard to become a game mod, why not drive around with the police scout a bit? IDK about others but that's one of the first things I would do if I become a game mod someday @BlackEagleTMP
  19. Good night TMP <3
    Going to sleep after a quite well convoy :P

  20. I think it's very good, the map says a lot. useful for us, thanks
  21. Good night tmp ^^ 

    Going to bed right after an ATS convoy. It was great. Has enyone else noticed how much details they have put into ATS. Almost all the rest stops are different...not like ETS2

    Anyways, good night....

  22. I think it will be one hell of a mess to have the double trailers in the busy areas. As the person above me said, single trailers are casing a lot of problems and I think the rest of that is self explainatory. Having double trailers can ruin someone’s fun cause it’s sometimes hard to control which may cause problems in busy areas ( for ex imagine taking a turn in duisburg or calais with a double trailer )