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  1. This mod being a "truck simulator" i don't really agree with having cars in game, never drove the Skoda and it'll stay that way... thats just my opinion.
  2. If they wanna pass you why should you have to slow down? You don't slow down in real life, the other car picks up speed to pass you... if they don't have a fully modified truck why try to be a speed demon? Its common sense
  3. Players who get banned usually fail to read the TOS of TMP so if the player continues to break the rules they deserve what they get and shouldn't be unbanned. Simple as that.
  4. If its a three lane highway you should go to the far left especially on truckers mp because "some" people have a habit of getting all upset over you passing them and swerve towards you. I have encountered that myself so I distanced myself far from other players as much as i can
  5. I like space so i took the word Galaxy and turned it into Galxer thats how i figured out my username, i had other usernames before this one i just keep getting creative ideas
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