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  1. If the players don't have a recording program, you can just download it. There are many free programs.
  2. The reporters are not checked in turn. This function would not work correctly. But it's a good idea.
  3. I support this idea! I hope it will be added.
  4. The maximum I would agree with is to add a driver rating.
  5. Hidara

    Tandem Trucks

    It's a good idea. But it will be difficult to implement
  6. This is a bad idea. As said above - keep your distance and everything will be fine
  7. There is no roger in Truckers MP. Only when you get a signal. But you can suggest adding it to the topic: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/285-suggestions/
  8. There is not much text there. Therefore, it will be easy to translate. The question remains how difficult it is to implement. I approve the idea!
  9. I will refrain from an opinion, but looking at the map, there are not so many people at the gas station. Online: 2850
  10. he beta version of the game, this is a completely different version. Truckers MP supports only one version. It will be quite difficult to implement several versions. Therefore, I think that before the official introduction of VR into the stable version, there will be no VR support.
  11. Maybe you are in a place loaded with players? Sometimes it kicks me if I'm in Calais or Duisburg, because there are a lot of people there and I don't have time to download everything. If so, try teleporting to another city and trying to log in again.
  12. You can make a minimum of 1 point. And violators of the rules for submitting a report should be banned from reporting for a certain time
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