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  1. so yes from this point of view indeed it remains complicated now nothing prevents TMP from recruiting moderator reports who even if they do not know how to speak English there is no necessarily need to speak English most of the time when they respond on the website, these are already predefined messages so there is no real need to know how to speak English and where the mentor will also ensure that if this moderator report makes a mistake and well in these cases he will be called to order by his guardian that he allows him to currently be in this position subsequently if this person manages to speak enough English Well maybe he can consider becoming a game moderator but the aim of my post is above all to be able to relieve the current game moderator so that he spends more time with the players and more time on in-game reports there will always be reports that will slip through the cracks I'm talking in game in these cases if the people in question report them on the website but this will allow the person to be sanctioned whatever happens and the more there will be moderator reports the more reports will be processed quickly, something which was underlined in the famous update in game moderation update
  2. yes indeed with the classification system it is true that there can be abuses after that nothing also prevents having the classification system but among this classification system its safeguarding all the reports that there have been and in These cases allow us to have supporting video evidence after all, they should really change the way they recruit game moderators. Indeed, we need more, much more, especially at peak hours given how messy it is, but where we also have to say is that there are people who do not know how to speak English and unfortunately who will never be able to join the TMP team hence my idea of my mistake which would allow these people to join the TMP team but to be followed by a person who not only knows speak English but who not only knows how to speak the language of the person like that he takes care of everything that is discussion with the highest ranks for his training and he in his language we will take for example French and well he translates what to do to the new game moderator who does not speak English but in my opinion before we have that we will have to wait several years I think which is quite a shame because it is still better to have mentors who take care of people who do not necessarily know how to speak English and this also allows us to have more moderators in the game but also more moderators on the site
  3. for my part I agree with let's @Somehow Lucky imagine you have been on the game since 2015 and currently we are in 2023 and I was banned 3 weeks ago and recruitment opens to become a game moderator whereas three weeks ago banned, knowing that I have never been banned between 2015 and 2023 this shows a person who plays regularly who respects the rules but who makes even a small mistake which earned him a ban, it happens to everyone the world of making mistakes could it really impact the intention of the person to want to help the game, to such a point that they will have to wait 12 months for their ban to be marked as inactive or they have the possibility of apply and the moderators at least the recruiters see that this person has been a member since 2015 and that he was banned in 2023 that then just before he had never been banned for my part there is always the possibility of looking at the Rec which has been made and if we see that the error is really minimal we can in these cases start from the fact of being able to give him a chance and that is where perhaps he is getting at it is the fact of saying that we can be a good driver but that we can make mistakes how we say mistakes are human @SirTrapSG
  4. Good evening, it was done @Léon Baker
  5. Suggestion name: Less blah blah, more action Description of the suggestion: So maybe I won't make any friends on this suggestion but for having put a message and a second one afterwards on the famous moderation update made on TMP I'm sorry but after a while we have to take your fingers out of your ass without disrespect or anything else let me explain we are told that the moderation system will increase to 10 reports on the site no problem in games there will be more of moderators present to handle the reports that are reported in the game so far I'm going to be honest I haven't had a single report processed over 3 days and during my sessions where I play the game I make between 7 to 8 reports and none are processed yet these are people who do things that violate several rules of the TMP but unfortunately they all slip through the cracks currently on the site I only have a report pending it has already been 6 days since I put it in and I still haven't heard anything about this report, it hasn't been processed after a while, but you still shouldn't overdo it. What I am proposing is very simple to create a ranking system for the most reported people in the game but not only that, the goal would also be to be able to ensure that there are more moderators present in the game where I am going to support the thesis of having more moderators means more people and therefore in quotes the trolls who are banned more easily. Why should it be added: Regarding the ranking system, the more a person is reported in-game, the more priority they will be in the reporting system. Regarding the moderators involved, the goal will be to make precise recruitments, what do I mean by that, it's simple, we recruit anyone who meets the criteria that are already in place. means a ban of less than 12 months and all other criteria except for the English language I will explain to you once again the goal is to recruit French Russians English bad example lol Africans all people in the world who do not necessarily speak English where I am going to support this thesis is to recruit senior managers in this case the community managers where what manages the moderation is to look for staff who not only know how to speak English but not only how to speak French Chinese here are all the languages obviously each no one will have their particularity for example like me who is French and I don't know a word of English. A senior manager with little English who speaks English and French would make it possible to train the moderator while reporting to people above his rank. This would allow moderators already confirmed that they know how to speak English to be relieved by this massive arrival of new moderators because in order to process a report it must be visual which is often the case when we have processed reports there is no need to you don't necessarily need to speak English to watch a clip so yes indeed it would change a lot of things compared to the organization of TMP which has always been based on the recruitment of people who speak absolutely English but by recruiting people who do not speak not necessarily English but that they have, among other things, a mentor who serves as a trainer for them in terms of their moderation training, I think that it wouldn't hurt already it would make it possible to have more moderators in the game who can spend more time with the players which would ensure that it brings a better mood and above all say that the more moderators there are, the less we will potentially be bothered by trolls. There you go, that remains my point of view, I hope not to make any enemies on this and that I really want to ensure that anyone, whether they know how to speak English or not, can one day join the team from TMP to at least for me it remains my dream but for some people it's been years since that day, which is my case too but due to the fact that he doesn't speak English and maybe he won't join not one day the TMP team. Sincerely TMP_RocketWolf
  6. well this post dates from September 1st it is currently September 18th what has changed in the game ah well I don't want to say much whether it is in terms of in-game carryovers or reports on the site I reported someone a few days ago and still not processed so it's great to tell us less reports on the site put more reports in game and well for the moment I don't see absolutely nothing that is done once again today I have reported seven eight people on the game I am not saying on the site I am saying on the game and unfortunately the seven eight reports have not been processed I had the return saying that the postponement had not been processed but on the other hand to see several game moderators driving without a truck or either by car on the Calais - Duisburg there on the other hand there is no problem you would have to know what you want TMP after a while you tell us we are going to be limited to 10 reports on the site and we are going to favor the processing of reports on the game but for the moment nothing is done so yes I want to understand that the games moderator a life on the side but after a while we should really do something about that and I'm going to come back to a point put back the permanent ban ah because frankly the number of players who mess up, sorry to say it like that but it's true on the Calais - Duisburg or even on other roads frankly but do something it's more tenable
  7. Je suis d'accord avec eux sur une refonte de la voiture pilote sur ETS2 en mode multijoueur, ce ne serait pas mal, nous avons vu que la voiture de police pour les modérateurs du jeu a été fortement modifiée avec de nouveaux ajouts et pourtant la voiture de police est sortie en même temps que la voiture pilote que l'on peut voir dans les écrans suivants maintenant c'est vrai que sur la voiture pilote on n'a pas eu de nouveauté depuis un moment en fait on a gardé les gyrophares de base c'est à dire le gyrophare avec une ampoule mais par contre sur la voiture de police on a rajouté de nouveaux gyrophares on a rajouté des nouveaux Des LED qui sont mieux vus car avant d'envoyer les LED on dira à l'avance sur la calandre de la voiture c'était presque des gyrophares avec des ampoules donc maintenant on peut mettre des gyrophares LED non seulement sur le toit de la voiture mais sur la calandre de la voiture de police à part sur la voiture pilote il n'y a rien qui a été changé depuis plusieurs années maintenant donc ce seraitvraiment cool de faire une mise à jour sur cette voiture pour les joueurs, je pense que cela ajouterait un peu plus de jeu de rôle
  8. Name of proposal: No more sight limitations and fewer accidents Description of suggestions: Currently we see the Ping under the nicknames the goal would be to see the speed also. Why should it be added? : Currently only Game Moderators can have this functionality, the aim of my request would only be for players and access to this option. This could limit the number of incongruous overruns but it could also limit the number of accidents.
  9. more reports processed in-game and fewer reports on the site it remains to be seen frankly for my part I have reported I don't know how many people through in-game reports and unfortunately most of the time they have not been simply not processed so it's fine to say yes there will be more moderators in play than before well I'm just saying something I want to see that but for the moment it's far from being the case for this which is from the anonymous moderators unfortunately I find that it is unfair because when I make a report I want to know which moderator to handle the report I want to know who I am talking to and not to someone who is behind his screen and who is just going to give me sentences already ready written now and that's when I read another comment and I agree with his point of view when he applies to become a game moderator he suspects that at the end of 'one moment if they come to sanction someone in game and well this person is not going to be happy which is completely normal no one likes to be banned now by applying to become a moderator it falls into the category of saying ah but I am going to ban this person and he will perhaps be happy and perhaps not be happy which can be completely understandable in short in itself I want to see if there will actually be more staff on the game and especially at any time because there are certain hours when there are 0 staff there are 3500 people we see absolutely no one no staff guys blocking the roads galore guys who do anything with their car which overtakes in all directions wanted to change things in the game and well first of all it has to be done by putting back the permanent ban because it's not by putting it back 90 days that will say to yourself ah well go ahead it's good I'll come back in 3 months and I'll do again what I did before so after a while I'll really have to pull my fingers out to be polite I'm not going to say the last word really put change things because now it's catastrophic when I see that I'm being sanctioned with a 3-day ban for just having drifted because of my delivery I think it's a bit abusive, in short I said what I had to say now I'm just waiting to see the changes
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