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  1. me and a friend have the same issue when trying to reset the jobs by either doing f7+enter or sleeping and the only error message that shows up is <error> Cannot open config.txt file! [13:15:51] <error> Cannot open config.dat file! [13:15:51] but i have both files
  2. can't wait for my butt kicker gamer2 to arrive http://www.thebutterkicker.com/gamer2

    1. jukeboxknox


      you linked the butter kicker. I think you meant www.thebuttkicker.com/gamer2

    2. Empirekicking


      Going to have a red bumper bum after this

    3. videogamer


      i got me a truck seat so i'm good

  3. another thing to consider is the size of the fuel tank because semi's have 300 liter fuel capacity and car's generally have less than 50 liters and the sweet spot for car fuel efficiency is 50-80km/h
  4. I don't think its a bug because the faster you travel the more fuel/petrol you burn because at 120 km/h, a vehicle uses about 20 percent more fuel than at 100 km/h and semi's hold alot more fuel/petrol than cars do
  5. GPU: XFX R9 390 8GB CPU: Intel i5-4590 3.3Ghz RAM: G.Skill Trident Z 16GB DDR3 1866Mhz Graphics: High/Ultra with 150% scaling FPS with players: depends on the area FPS without players:50- 60
  6. My current setup will post a pic when i feel like cleaning off my desk CoolerMaster N600 Intel i5-4590 3.3Ghz Asrock H81M-HDS G.Skill Trident 16GB DDR3 1866 Mhz XFX R9 390 8GB Corsair AX860 Win 7 Pro 500GB HDD Primary Drive 2TB HDD for all my Steam games 3 AOC 22inch 1080p monitors 1 22 inch Samsung 1080p monitor
  7. the 2 black area's are where there aren't any monitors
  8. how can the mp devs test the files if they don't have the headset cause if they try it on the pc all that they will see is 2 seperate images unless its changed since the last time i saw a video or screen shots
  9. The thing is the Vive costs $799.99USD and the Oculus Rift costs $599.99USD so the Truckers MP dev's don't have the money right now to spend that much on a VR headset
  10. first you need to do enough quick jobs to earn enough in-game money to buy a truck then you'll be able to buy your own truck and i'd go basic on your first truck and then once you level up and get more money then you can buy better upgrades for your truck
  11. you need a minimum of 2hrs of gameplay in singleplayer in order to use the multiplayer mod
  12. HAHAHAHAHA i see what you did @Egg-Roll
  13. @heyhococo I've played ets2 since that post but that's the last time i've played ets2mp but i can show you the time stamp for the ets2mp multiplayer folder if i still have it
  14. @The_Owl he did but when he got his pc back a lot of things weren't secured so his computer was a goner before he even got it and i'd post i'd a pic of my setup but my room is dark and my desk is messy
  15. wow i just got an interesting pm from someone from the forum

    1. videogamer


      they even posted the message in this topic

    2. SprinterFS


      removed and thanks for report :)

    3. heyhococo


      Just ignore it (Keep in case for evidence). There's currently a situation which is being dealt with between a player and an admin.

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  16. Instead of pressing F6+ Enter just load the last auto-save
  17. if you haven't played more than 2 hours on ATS in single player you can't join the server
    1. Jamie69


      I wondered what that was when i was picking my load up the other day. I must admit I did laugh to myself.

    2. Lee98


      I have also noticed this on multiplayer mode =/

    3. Darth Wazawai

      Darth Wazawai

      This is normal :D mines been higher...

  18. Is there a way to re-enable the tab screen, names above trucks and chat cause i accidentally disabled em

    1. Sgt Salt
    2. videogamer


      thx and bummer that means i gotta change my in-game screenshot button

  19. nvm i found the file and the file is called Steam/steamapps/common/American Truck Simulator/def/police_data but you need to use a scs extractor to open the def file
  20. I don't remember what file you need to find to adjust the ridiculously expensive fines in ats and yes I have both file editors that were needed for ets2
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