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  1. if i'm unsure of a link sent to me i'll google the link before clicking on it
  2. i'd say use the hard drive that allowed you to get a 20ms ping connection or your net company is throttling the hell out of your connection and another thing is if your using a router that has a wifi option make sure its secured with a strong password so you don't get people stealing your internet
  3. is something like this http://www.modhub.us/euro-truck-simulator-2-mods/true-lights-ai-cars-and-environment-v6/ a supported mod? here's a pic
  4. I've actually seen that semi and trailer and car at a car show
  5. every modern computer has a hidden system setting that when the motherboard reaches a certain temperature the computer automatically shuts down to prevent further damage and may i ask how far away your pc is from the nearest wall or if your computer is in a cabinet keep the cabinet door open when using your computer so your computer can expell the hot air
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