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  3. When I’m driving, I mostly listen to Spotify in the background. What I listen to is complicated for me to explain, because I mostly listen to different genres of music. I can listen from EDM, rock, pop, and some rap. Although, I do listen to EDM more. Recently now, I’ve been listening to lots of songs from a rock band called “Red Hot Chili Peppers”. It’s a classic one, and they have some great songs. It’s a always great jam to listen to while driving, in my opinion.
  4. I’ve joined TMP around 2016. So far, I play it often but to not too often. I mostly hop in into TMP for Convoys, and to drive with friends. I don’t go into the populated areas (C-D for example), and I mostly play SP more. But, I still do enjoy some TMP driving at most! If I had to explain why I joined TMP, it really has to do with the community that is keeping me around. I’ve first stumbled around TMP around a YouTube video, specifically, a funny moments video. Not long after, I’ve signed up for TMP to try it out. Quickly on, I’ve discovered C-D, and I constantly drove on it for a few days, until it got a bit boring for me. I really didn’t have any interest back to it and I didn’t know why I just lost it. I was just about to give up on TMP and just move on. However, I just thought about the community, all of the things that I’ve experienced on C-D, the forums, I’ve just realized how much of a great community it is, and I knew I couldn’t miss out. I’ve decided that I was gonna go along and stay around with TMP. A few years later, I’ve joined a VTC, and I started to make new friends, and enjoy this game even more. It did certainly set off some great vibes for sure! There has been a few times where I took a absence of the TMP and ETS2 in general, but, I always come back to enjoy such a great game and mod!
  5. Thanks PolandlyProbland!:kappa:

  6. I can understand that it may be a uncomfortable experience to be driving the scout car at the same speed as a truck. But, you must consider the safety of that speed. It’s considered as a safe speed. That speed limit in place, has, if not, many crashes and collisions because of high speed driving, especially scout cars. Think about it, if scout cars had the speed limit you suggested, which was 120km/h, but trucks were limited to around the same speed as they have now (110km/h), then that would be a unfair advantage. Not only many would drive more scout cars (not to mention more accidents), but that would defeat the purpose of the game, which is to drive around in truck across Europe, not have a scout car simulator. However, you are always free to drive in Arcade, which has no speed limit. Meaning, you can drive as fast and how you want to drive.
  7. Why do we need to raise 10km/h more for the scout? It's not really gonna be a noticeable difference anyways. Personally for me, I think 110km/h is just good enough for the scout car. We also currently do not need anymore vehicles. The scout is probably gonna be the only non-truck vehicle we will have in TMP. Remember that this a trucking simulator game, not a car simulator. However, if you are talking about more trucks, I agree. However, that's SCS's work to do. Therefore, with my points, I disagree with you.
  8. Definitely feels great having the new version of the game finally in TMP! Feels like I've been growing a beard waiting for 1.38 support. It does feel great to play 1.38, even though 1.38 has been out for 2 months. I'm only barely exploring what 1.38 has to offer, but so far, it feels great. I knew if we just kept waiting, we would get 1.38 into TMP, and we did. Not to mention Promods 2.50, I've just saw the new places, can't wait to enjoy those roads with some friends soon. So yeah, the support for 1.38 is great!
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  10. Thank you for the follow Poland! I appreciate it! ❤️  

  11. Wow, Its been a while since I've drove around ETS2. I wanna thank @RB1988 and @[AHL] TSFM_DJ Flynn and a fellow Prime driver for a drive tonight. :)ets2_20200315_204644_00.pngets2_20200315_204656_00.png

    1. RB1988


      Thanks for joining us mate, a pleasure as always :)

    2. [VTCSL] ACE

      [VTCSL] ACE

      ♥️__________ nice photos _________♥️

  12. First off, If you want to drift, Do it in SP or in a Arcade server. Doing it in a Simulation server will just cause you trouble, Even if no ones around. To drift, I would recommend getting a 4x2 with a powerful engine. Make sure to understand how the Physics mod works. It's hard to explain, But try messing around, And see if you can make any slips and what not. Once you got that, Then try drifting for a spin. It'll take time to master it. Its not something that will magically happen once you slide your wheel all the way. Hope this helps.
  13. I've certainly love driving around in RTTBS. Preferably around Romania, With the scenic views and landmarks. I've also took the time to drive around Bulgaria, Very nice roads to drive on. I really don't have a problem with this since I'm mostly used to driving on small roads. Plus the country roads have beautiful views. To some people that are used to driving on highways, It may become weird at first. But once you drive on the country roads, You'll start to like the scenery.
  14. Arix_

    Force Feedback

    I currently don't use force feedback since I'm not really used it. Not to mention that every time I try to use it, It shakes my whole desk.
  15. I would move this to the support section to get the best answers.
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