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  1. If someone has a lot of ping and worries about accidental ramming players behind, he can always choose the Arcade server.
  2. I always stick to the speed limits unless it's a straight, leveled road. I don't feel too comfortable when people overtake me or drive right next to me while I drive faster than 80-90 km/h.
  3. Vindow

    Apple or Android?

    iOS is much faster than Android, because it's designed to work with iPhones only. That convinced me a few years ago.
  4. We've already been told that there will be no winter mod for ProMods multiplayer server (at least for now). But ProMods already contains special weather conditions in some places.
  5. I've never used the CB radio in-game. If I want to communicate with my friend driving behind me, I talk to him on Discord or TS3. But I still think it's a great idea to have that command since some people would definitely use it.
  6. Cool post, thanks for sharing. Good job explaining the difference between roles and ranks, many people just didn't get it.
  7. That would make the report system easier to use, which equals a less amount of rulebreakers around. A huge +1
  8. If you are turning left in a few moments (so you stick to the left), and somebody passes you using the right lane, then everything is as it should be. Actually, for as long as overtaking doesn't affect your gameplay, it's unpunishable.
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