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    We thank the TruckersMP Staff for all the support given to the multiplayer. Let's sit like fools in the column, every 30-50 min. Why? Because of players who only know how to troll and hurt the players they want to simulate! In vain do they choose the best moderators, but when the server is full, there is no one, everyone enters after it is emptied. Who agrees with me to write in the comment!

    1. RazvanRO15



      There are two on Calais-Duisburg, which is blocking the trailers!!!


    2. FernandoCR [ESP]

      FernandoCR [ESP]

      When the server is full, there are like 200 reports every minute. There's no way that the GM team can cope with that. And again, the funny thing, Calais - Duisburg is always jams, people blocking, chaos, etc. but still people go there knowing this and then they come to the forums complaining. There are thousands of other routes to drive. Go somewhere else and problem solved.

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