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  1. razvan655

    [OffTopic Romania] Scania nou / Volvo nou

    Am ales VOLVO FH 2013, cu 750 hp, cu cutie manuala, cu 6 viteze, deoarece poate sa traga greutati mari si este si rapid.
  2. razvan655


    Salut! Bine ai venit! Sper sa te distrezi aici pe forum.
  3. razvan655

    Camionul Lunii Septembrie

    Bafta baieti!
  4. razvan655

    List of supported Mods / Mod files

    You can download a way, put it in the file, activate it in the game, after, when you enter Multiplayer. He'll tell you that you can not go in ways. But the game saved the Profile and left with money and xp on it. I hope I helped you.
  5. razvan655

    When is the new update coming?

    I would love if version 1.32 could put it on Multiplayer. With regard to new updates I do not know.
  6. razvan655

    Next map DLC

    It would be very interesting if it is. I would be glad if Romania did.
  7. razvan655

    Hot topic #3: Oregon and Baltic DLC

    DLC with Oregan and the Baltic Sea to be the best because they are made at better quality and could attract the audience.