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  1. I agree that you should try to avoid collision, but if accident happend player that made mistake should be banned, not this one that hasn't avoid the accident for me it's most logic. I always try to brake if other made mistakes, but sometimes it's impossible. This guy that's get ban should be unbanned as soon as possible. And ban isn't always way to go imo, all of us makes mistakes, and sometimes 1 second inattention can case some small like in this case accident's, so be more forgiven for small mistakes. If someone driving obviously dangerous, yeah for sure give him and ban even permanent, but 3 days for such a small accidents it's to much sometimes. It works like irl, try to avoid, but my god if accident's happend player that made mistake should be banned, sometimes it's impossible to avoid, sometimes it's just one second of inattention, becouse you know that you have priority, and accident happned, but you have priority, your inattetion would not cause an accident if other player would drive correctly..
  2. Maybe, but it's happens even admins don't know who have priority in this place. I have got kicked becouse i enter like this, and that's just happens mate. This place should be on admin eyes, and there should be kick waves for guys driving straight even not trying to brake. The priority here is breaking hundreds of thousands times per day.
  3. Hello... First of all there is the link to youtube video that can show the case that i wan't to talk about: https://youtu.be/JCag88Abl_w?t=350 It's not one time, it's happens multiple times. My question is who had the priority here, cuz for me it's obvious that the priority had that banned guy. It's shame on you guy's. The guy driving straight has yield sign but i don't know if admins know what the yield sign mean. This topic has to be again here. On the c-d road when you can enter highway the priority is upside down, i mean the guy driving out of the highway have a priority in comparasion to other enters on highway in the Germany that driving straight you have priority... I have suggestions for admins, maybe get the road rules book and read it till the end... Driving on the single player you only care about signs and that's it, on truckersmp you have to get into admins minds... I don't greet.
  4. Thanks for respoding to my post. I will try pretty much all what you said and give you shoutout. I only play a MP pretty much, Drivers seems to be on point, my pc is after format and after adding SSD. This what i told you started to happend when i added a 2gb extra of ram to my computer.
  5. Hello, First of all i was looking for a solution on older topics, but i wasn't able to find anything that can help me. If you were meet this error you know how it's works, launching a game playing for a while and game just crash in totally random moment. Anything that i've been able to find on the truckersmp/steam forum wasn't really helpful. For me it's looks like my memory causing the crash but maybe you will know more. I have old pc for that you can see, in the past i had a 4gb of ram, and everything were working fine (except for lags xD). I have added a 2 gb extra to this, and overclock it a little, but i have to do it becouse i want to get higher frequency on my processor, just old FSB problems (overclocking processor mean you also overclocking a ram). Last Crash log: https://pastebin.com/TeVemDuV for that i was looking every of the crash looks similar to other.
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