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  1. Thanking you for the follow on teh forums :wub:


  2. Thanks for the drive last night @Axorell @[TST] Damian and @[AHL] Aek177 did make an appearance at one point :wub:




    According to @tnt404, I'm the child and they are my parents :truestory:

    1. YunusD
    2. [AHL] Aek177

      [AHL] Aek177

      I made more than an appearance :angry: :wub:

    3. Damian


      I was happy to put up with your amazing driving skills :lol:

  3. Thanks for the sick new signature @tnt404 :wub:



    1. tnt404


      Looks good on you bud :)

    2. Mr Vantage

      Mr Vantage

      You're too kind :wub:

  4. Mr Vantage

    Bring Logistics | Realism | Friendly

    We've reworked our Discord server and updated our application system
  5. Midnight, not tired, and got nobody to play TMP with :(

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    2. Mr Vantage

      Mr Vantage

      Well after that crash @Olioak tonight, I lost you :(

    3. Ali.


      We can drive tonight <3

    4. Mr Vantage
  6. A great drive with Bring VTC, thanks @Axorell @Jxkke @NickThe0ne and @tnt404




    Then there is this amazing picture that @Jxkke took, while @NickThe0ne waited for us up ahead!



  7. Well we are back now, found a new home in the VTC world with the wonderful @Axorell and @NickThe0ne, thanks for the drive @Callum Johnson and @SuperMouse :wub:



    1. [VIVA] Nowask

      [VIVA] Nowask

      Beautiful Photo :love:

    2. NickThe0ne


      Happy to have you with us in the VTC :D

    3. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang
  8. Credits and thanks from the management team to @tnt404 for creating the poster!
  9. Mr Vantage

    Winter Mod Not Working In Multiplayer

    Hey @ItzNeon39, You need to put them into the "ETS2MP" folder located in your Documents In that folder you may find a folder named "mod", if not you need to create a folder called "mod" Then paste the files into this folder I hope this helps you
  10. Thanks for the drive @tnt404 :wub:



  11. Want an event to partake in tonight, then why not drop by this: 



    1. [FTC] RodiM

      [FTC] RodiM

      Looks like a good event :P

  12. Happy Birthday Aekmeen :troll:

  13. Back to being a solo driver, working on my new ride ^_^



  14. Thanks for the drive @sanamaria :wub:




    Thanks also to @KIKI_ and @Savage. for last night :wub:



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    2. KIKI


      Nice screenies

    3. Mr Vantage

      Mr Vantage

      @KIKI_ couldn't have come across a more wonderful person in TMP :wub:

    4. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang