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  1. dibam

    penalty No speed control camera

    I understood No wants I try not to speed Thanks for your helpful answer
  2. Happy birthday 

  3. Hello In Scandinavia, I am speeding up the payment of penalty fees But there is no speed control camera Please explain.
  4. dibam


    Very useful text My problem has been resolved thanks to @Ali. @?? Powerful @FernandoCR [ESP]
  5. Thanks for the follow :)

  6. dibam


    I have no question I just wanted to know if it is allowed to report too much? That is, if someone violates the rules, I will record the film and then I will report whether this work is allowed or should I forgive it?
  7. dibam


    I know Thanks for the helpful words
  8. dibam


    Is my reports good?
  9. dibam

    Euro version 1.32

    My problem has been resolved thanks to @[BG]*BURAK*[GNC] @OBrasileiro @TheFatDrummer @[AVIS] ThiagoBR_ @twix bar Thanks for your contribution
  10. dibam

    Euro version 1.32

    Whether when a multiplayer game is upgraded Will multiplayer truckers be upgraded?
  11. Long live version 1.32

  12. dibam

    Euro version 1.32

    Hi I now upgraded the Euro version of the new version of steam But do not enter the multiplayer game Why?
  13. dibam

    The temperature of the car is hot

    yes @OBrasileiro @George(GB) @Elsassisch_Trucker [FR] @MrJonton01 [Safety/GER] @Soul Knight Thanks for your response and participation
  14. http://prntscr.com/kumotc http://prntscr.com/kump1y I saw the temperature of the car is hot when I looked at the car's plate what's wrong? What is the cause?