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  1. Why do you modified the ban history from 6th ban perma to 5th ban perma?
  2. Why is the ban evading existent? There is no sense to be
  3. Why is the waiting to be an admin, 1 year from last ban, and not 6 months?
  4. Hey, No, i just want a mod what when i put in single and go on a truck, to have Sunrise with my colors for example, is for a vtc
  5. Hello Guyz, i have a vtc, and i want to make a mod to have the vtc colors in paint job. For example, duelist with red with blue in mod.
  6. Nice Updates, Thx, about 1.37, just modify from 36 to 37 xD
  7. Suggestion Description : I want (And I don't think I'm the only one) to have the Racing Championship Server always but with another name, for example, Racing Arcade. | Why should it be added?: Bc everyone like this and everyone had fun, and will have fun If this suggestion will be applied
  8. 3 million, a very large sum, for 5 years many have changed for the better and very few in the river. I've had a lot of memories on TruckersMP and I'll still have it. In my opinion, TruckersMP is a platform that thanks to any Trucker, wants to fly or race, has arches, wants to go through traffic, has Simulation, wants Promods, has that too. There are small bugs that will surely be resolved in time. It's fast and at 4 million. Thank you TruckersMP for giving us a Ets2MP platform, if you weren't, we were still playing Singleplayer. #3milliongiveaway
  9. We have Arcade, but have no collisions. We want and a server with collisions, no speed limit and infinity fix.
  10. @meximut I did that, and it doesn't show up. I tried to leave and 2/3 rows. Can you help me with a mini video?
  11. RO : Știe cineva cum sa pun player tag unul sub altul? Exemplu : LAG KEEP DISTANCE REC EN : Does anyone know how to put the player tag under one another? Exemple : LAG KEEP DISTANCE REC
  12. Can you please close this topic?. I solved it myself. Sorry about the wasted time
  13. Heavy loading at Game entry, Before the profiles appear
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