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    I'm intrested in studying IT Coding or, IT Technician, more likely Coding.
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    Nevada: Las Vegas
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  1. Rusu Andrei

    Real Operations - 28 Iulie 2019

    voi participa sper
  2. Rusu Andrei

    Ets2, Heavy loading at Game entry

    Hello trucker, it may be because the game is loading the entities, and the players if you launched on multiplayer
  3. Hey, thank you for follow me buddy! :wub:

  4. congrats on TGO :P

  5. Happy Birthday

  6. Rusu Andrei

    New Italy City

    Hello Truckers, I think it's the small island around italy in my opinnion.
  7. Rusu Andrei

    im curious

    Hello Trucker, i had the same question 2 years ago(i think) and i got an answer that there will be no more cars being added to the game because this is a truck game not a racing/car game... Best Regards, Rusu Andrei
  8. Rusu Andrei

    Are people not as interested in the one truck family jobs than before?

    Hello Trucker, Many of the players have finished the event and they are returning to exploring the map/or doing their regular stuff.... Best regards. Rusu Andrei
  9. The end of Yesterday's convoi, with RomaniaElit.


    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      wow nice convoy :wub:

  10. I'm happy to thank RomaniaElit for re-accepting me into their company.

    My first convoy for today with the company, (Italia DLC).

    P.S More photos comming.:wub:


    @Ady Man @InvisibleRaptor

  11. Hello Trucker

    Welcome to TruckersMP community, i hope you the best experience.


    Best Regards,

    Rusu Andrei

  12. Hey Trucker,

    Welcome on the forums, i hope you the best experience in the community, and on the forums.


    Best Regards 

    Rusu Andrei.

    1. beppefh16


      Thank you 

  13. Rusu Andrei

    Game "Cities"

  14. Good Evening Truckers,

    i'm going on C-D road with this beast. (hopefully i dont scratch her.)


  15. Congrats on GM :wub: