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  1. Calhon

    CB Radio - No Audio

    Hello As the title suggests, I have just loaded up American Truck Simulator, straight into MP and I am getting NO sound from the CB. I can see icons of people talking appearing but I am seriously unsure. I have checked my audio settings, all up, I have checked its connected to my headset, all good. Any Ideas? Thanks, Calhon
  2. Anyone remember how to get a white Aria livestock trailer? I completely forgot how to get one...

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    2. FirestarteR93
    3. Calhon


      ^ legend. Thanks 

    4. Calhon


      I think so... I dunno, I only got a year and a half mate XD

  3. I have somehow forgotten, how on earth to set the forum username? Anyone able to help?

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    2. Calhon


      Uhm! There it is.. lol? I hadn't change anything?

    3. KrazyMudkip
    4. Calhon


      Hhaha, thanks 

  4. Calhon

    WolfVTC - VTC Control Panel

    Hey, Whenever I go to www.(myvtchere).com/wp-content/plugins/wolfvtc.php Nothing happens? It just says Bad User!
  5. Calhon

    Hotkey CB Radio

    Hey, So.. as the title mentions, is there a way to change the hotkey for CB Radio? I am rather desperate, as I cannot use 'v' as its very very uncomfortable for my hand Thanks
  6. Calhon

    WolfVTC - VTC Control Panel

    Bro, this is awesome, great work. I am restarting another VTC. This should be very helpful, absolutely amazing work. It has taken me a long time because you know, my host hates wordpress, but whatever
  7. Calhon

    [Picture] Meanwhile in the chat on ETS2MP

    .. my. lord. I should start being more active again lel, want to see all this magic happening
  8. Anyone interested in doing a voiceover for me? If so, message me please.

  9. Calhon

    free steam game codes

    Can I take it?
  10. Anyone know of any good Australian VTC's?

    1. McGamer
    2. XD Memes
    3. MrHarv98


      SFH has newly launched a Australian division and on the other hand we have the old HHA Heavy Haulage Australia which is good enough too if you are looking for a pure Australian VTC

  11. Calhon

    How fast is your internet speed?

    So, Europeans have internet that, to us Australians, is amazing. Not this time behold:
  12. Calhon

    Steam ETS2 Background Giveaway

    5 More days left to get your entries in so far, we have 9 entries
    1. Calhon


      EuroTruckRadio 24 Hour Convoy Footage

  13. Calhon

    Steam ETS2 Background Giveaway

    About a dollar to two dollars in my currency... Sometimes a bit under. It's partly for those you can't find the money at all
  14. Calhon

    Steam ETS2 Background Giveaway

    Fixed it up, thanks haha