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  1. Hello As the title suggests, I have just loaded up American Truck Simulator, straight into MP and I am getting NO sound from the CB. I can see icons of people talking appearing but I am seriously unsure. I have checked my audio settings, all up, I have checked its connected to my headset, all good. Any Ideas? Thanks, Calhon
  2. Anyone remember how to get a white Aria livestock trailer? I completely forgot how to get one...

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    2. FirestarteR93
    3. Calhon


      ^ legend. Thanks 

    4. Calhon


      I think so... I dunno, I only got a year and a half mate XD

  3. I have somehow forgotten, how on earth to set the forum username? Anyone able to help?

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    2. Calhon


      Uhm! There it is.. lol? I hadn't change anything?

    3. KrazyMudkip
    4. Calhon


      Hhaha, thanks 

  4. Hey, So.. as the title mentions, is there a way to change the hotkey for CB Radio? I am rather desperate, as I cannot use 'v' as its very very uncomfortable for my hand Thanks
  5. Anyone interested in doing a voiceover for me? If so, message me please.

  6. Anyone know of any good Australian VTC's?

    1. McGamer
    2. XD Memes
    3. MrHarv98


      SFH has newly launched a Australian division and on the other hand we have the old HHA Heavy Haulage Australia which is good enough too if you are looking for a pure Australian VTC

    1. Calhon


      EuroTruckRadio 24 Hour Convoy Footage

  7. Yes, your ping must also be below 650ms
  8. Great update, look forward to playing it but according to other players... That's pretty hard.
  9. Yeah that's the main bug I get but I don't mind either, as long as it tells me where they are eventually
  10. This happens to me when my internet is failing or I have multiple applications running.. Try closing everything in the background
  11. Yeah I agree, makes it a lot more professional
  12. Yes, the moderators/admins have discovered this problem and it is already a post somewhere I believe. It will possibly be fixed within the next update but not currently now.
  13. Hello, Your computer is the problem. That is the problem with most games, the point as to where a gamers PC cannot handle the pressure of running a game because of the amount of CPU it uses. It is sad but it happens to most people. You may need to upgrade your PC, or get a new one all together. I know your might not have wanted that answer but that its possibly the only fix. Thanks
  14. As I blocked the guys who were contacting me I also came across this but in a different form: Hey bro, I have some cool knives and swords I wanna trade! Here, take a look at this image: ---------------------------------- So also watch out for them.. I had 4 of them talk to me saying the same thing
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