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  1. Here's my version - click me Game server: Europa 2 Shooting Locations: France, Baltic, Italy, Scandinavia, Uk and other countries In the video used SweetFX The Video has a minimum number of mounting Unfortunately not which frames are empty, because of lack of traffic. Graphics Settings, Ultra. But unfortunately because of the multiplayer graphics on the video is bad. Good luck to All)
  2. Hello for what I was banned by mistake? I drove in my lane there was no one there and I banned for bad driving. When I was driving in my lane I didn't break anything! I demand to provide proof! What I've broken I'm just shocked to sit! We're just going to take a ride with my friends, and then you're not banned me! I don't understand. Name JekaArtz

    1. Titanic4


      You were probably involved into accident, which has occurred before receiving in-game ban. Also, you have to appeal the ban using the appeal system(https://truckersmp.com/appeals)

    2. [RS] JekaArtz

      [RS] JekaArtz

      The accident was on the counter lane! I drove perfect in the other! I've already filed an appeal!

    3. weezy



       I've already filed an appeal!


      Good now be patient please.



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