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  1. Dear @19049_Spy

    Yesterday I was on my way to Duisburg with my colleague(Rene).

    Unfortunately Rene, who was in front of you, had to reload.

    When he was next to me I indicated to filter back into traffic and in my mirror it looked like you were about to stop then you were honking. Unfortunately it looks like this was a misunderstanding which led to paint damage. I would like to sincerely apologize for this and we will happily compensate for the damage. I hope that you accept our apology.


    Kind regards FANA



    1. XLogan


      You have to get on the road when  you make sure there are no drivers on your route......

      also : He should not react to you ... because if he stops his truck he will make traffic ..... you have to wait until the road becomes empty.


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