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  1. Bad manner???

    I agree that it is legal. As you said above, they need to adapt. Thank you for your opinion.
  2. Bad manner???

    I don't understand... Yeah that's right When I see such people, I chat "Go single with your heavy cago" Ummmm................... I don't agree.
  3. Bad manner???

    I drive fast everywhere. So I was always in the way... That's me... I always drive at 150 kilometers. I need to change my driving habits. :C
  4. Bad manner???

    Patience,That's a good posture. I totally agree. Yes, I don't want to overtake, but I have to.
  5. ATS or ETS ? What do you perfer ? :)

    ETS2 , Because the ETS2 has more people than the ATS
  6. Bad manner???

    Guys, What do you think about low-speed(like 60km) driving on the C-D with heavy loads? It doesn't matter if you're powerful engine. BUT what do you think about dragging a weight that's nearly 60 tons to low power?
  7. Most accident causers on C-D are the scouts?!

    Almost..... difficult handling/ imbalance balance
  8. Best Truck Brand

    I'm sure that Scania is the best of the best. Its design and engine sounds are f... goddddd
  9. What is the best DLC to ETS

    I have all dlc(MAPS) but I don't use it often. Tuning DLC is the best EVER

    You seem to have a lot of problems about the ban. I think you should have a lot of understanding in order to accept the results you gave to people.

  11. About chassis?

    Same as the first question.Look at the text above. Look at the text above Thank you for your detailed opinion. I think it was helpful.
  12. C-D 헤비트레일러

    C-D에서 헤비카고 끌고 운행하시는거 보면 어떤 생각 드시나요?? 높은 마력에 속도도 괜찮으면 상관없는데 300몇마력에 40톤 넘는 짐을 끌고 속도도 60간당간당....... 전 항상 하이빔에 경적 울리거든요.. 똑같은 돈 내고 이용할 수 있는건 맞는데 비매너라고 생각이 들어서요. 다른분들은 어떻게 생각하시나요??
  13. About chassis?

    Oh, I didn't think of that.