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  1. If anyone is even slightly interested, subscribe to my YT channel that is linked on the left side of the page. I don't expect anyone to actually subscribe but if you wanna watch some shitty videos, feel free to subscribe:P 

    1. [A.G]>001<SHI G*Nameplate

      [A.G]>001<SHI G*Nameplate

      Ha-ha  I ordered a subscription.  I like to watch interesting videos.:wub:  

  2. Thank you for your attention.:wub:

    1. Jack_293


      No Problem, its always nice to meet someone new!:D

  3. I hope everybody is enjoying the multiplayer as much as I am because this is really fun and I hope to meet some people throughout my time playing this game.:D

    1. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      hi @Jack_293 glad u like the mp mod and that u are having so much fun!   please keep on trucking!  


      this is the best place to make friends and meet new cool people here.  



    2. [A.G]>001<SHI G*Nameplate

      [A.G]>001<SHI G*Nameplate

      Welcome to MP.:wub:  You will make many interesting friends here.  Ha-ha:D