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  1. jsmith18762002

    The biggest parking for the convoys

    Hmmm. Yes, I think that it would be good.
  2. jsmith18762002

    Should ban time be decreased ?

    I brought this topic up a few days a go. From what, I found was that there was a good length of ban but I think that it is bad that you have to wait for a year to apply for staff again .
  3. jsmith18762002

    Skin - ETS

    Thanks very much! Good point! Thanks! Aye, mate. Thanks! True, thanks for the comment! Thanks, mate! Thanks, mate.
  4. jsmith18762002

    SCS Christmas Event Main Hubs?? (ANSWERD)

    Good luck! Merry Xmas.
  5. jsmith18762002

    What are you listening to a song on the road

    Truckersmp Got to love a little but TruckersMP who would not?
  6. @everyone I would all like to thank you for your opinions.
  7. Hello mate, I see where that you are coming from in a way but, I would still disagree of what you are saying to a certain existent. Thanks you for giving your opinion. Josh - Merry xmas! Hello, Would you change the ban length depending on the rule that is broken? Like, I've just mentioned would you change the ban length depending the offence committed?
  8. Good point made, mate. Yes, I think the ban length from applying for a staff position should depend on the rule or rule's that you have broken.
  9. True point mate, I agree 100%. I have been banned in the past and am still unable to apply but, I do think from another perspective that the current ban length is good enough and fair. Thanks Josh.
  10. jsmith18762002

    would you still play ets2 if tmp never existed?

    I would, but I also think that ETS would not be as enjoyable as it is now.
  11. Hello all, I am just asking you take a minute out of your day to cast your vote in the poll. I would just like to you know, do you think that the staff ban is too long after being banned from the game? Thanks all, Josh - Happy Xmas!
  12. jsmith18762002

    Feedback - 3 day wait

    True point, I like the way that you have used Voluntary. I agree to your statement to a certain view.
  13. jsmith18762002

    Feedback - 3 day wait

    Good point made there, mate! Have a nice day! I 100% agree with that! Have a nice day! True point. I agree! I am not on about the wait of reply, I am on about the wait to create a new feedback form.
  14. jsmith18762002

    Feedback - 3 day wait

    Totally agree with where that you are coming from. But, what you you think about the amount of Human resources staff? But, I see where that you are coming from. Do you more staff should be hired in HR? Sorry about that, mate.