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  1. Foxy Gamer

    Which truck/trucks do you prefer ? Why?*

    1. Volvo, I think it will be faster than all the trucks 2. Volvo and Scania , the fastest 3.Scania the most balanced truck
  2. Foxy Gamer

    Scania S or Scania R?

    Well, I think it would be better Scania S
  3. Foxy Gamer

    Hot topic #1: ETS and ATS 1.32 beta

    I already played the beta version of the game 1.32, and I really liked it. For TruckersMP, this will be a huge positive update. Eagerly await.
  4. Foxy Gamer

    A new member in the Upper-Staff

    Greetings! Good luck with your new job.
  5. Foxy Gamer

    ETS2 1.32 update

    If the processor is powerful, Bandicam or OBS. If the graphics card is from NVIDIA, this program can be used: GeForce Experience
  6. Foxy Gamer

    trailer ownership

    Yes. Trailers will be added in MP
  7. Foxy Gamer

    Anyone know any good time-lapse locations?

    Beautiful places can be found in places like Italy and Scandinavia.
  8. Foxy Gamer

    Bad manner???

    On the route Calais - Duisburg, a lot of people who like to move at high speed. And the players, moving slowly, create a hindrance to them. People go to an unconscious act and make overtaking. In most cases, this leads to fatal consequences.
  9. Foxy Gamer

    Зачем нужна VTC

    ВТК нужно для конвоев, для совместных покатушек, прохождение каких, либо заданий. Или даже с коллективом играть в другие игры.
  10. Foxy Gamer

    Question de priorité

    Ta faute n'est pas là. Mais peut-être qu'il y avait une perte de synchronisation des feux de circulation et qu'il avait une couleur verte. Si vous avez commencé à tourner sur le feu vert, alors vous n'avez commis aucune violation.
  11. Foxy Gamer

    TruckersMP Facebook Group Rules Update

    Didn't know about your Facebook, you have to become a party thanks for the info!