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  1. Hello again, sorry for the late reply. I have tried out the fix following the steps, which didn't seem to work, I then looked to see the other set of possible fixes below (the ones in red), and followed the 'Avoid using streaming services at the same time.' point. After disabling streaming services and tabs on my Chrome, the TMP client seems to be running without issue, which is leading me to believe that this is the fix. If it does turn out to be the fix, great! If not I will be sure to try out the other points too. Thank you for your help.
  2. Hello, this is my first post in the TMP forums for a long while, apologies in advance if I mess anything up! I'm currently experiencing with a bug where TMP freezes for a period of time whenever it tries to load other players (especially when there is a large amount of them), this then leads to me getting kicked from the server for connection problems. Here's a video of what it looks like (loading at the C-D road : https://streamable.com/vjzvqp (freeze starts at 0:41) Here's the game.log file of the session in the video (it wouldn't let me send the file directly.) : https://pastebin.com/84abXkgb If there is a fix please let me know! Anything that helps will be appreciated.
  3. Can't wait for it! Maybe some of the devs might make some skins for the trailers for admins! Who knows? But it's going to be a game changer!
  4. Can't wait! If only it would happen today xd I am ready for the event! I guess I'll be trucking in ATS and on other ETS2 profiles because my main one is in Geneve! Can't wait. Too bad not everyone will be able to participate due to lag, max players in one server and all the other stuff. Hopefully it dosen't happen to me! Good luck!
  5. If not unsolved yet. I'll come back tomorrow morning if I can, and we can go further more into this issue and stuff. It's 21:41 right now. See you tomorrow morning. Sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused.
  6. https://gyazo.com/a8456c6d847d0de1a418b89087fbbea6 Sorry for the delay and any inconvenience! This is what it says.
  7. Want an image of it? I don't think he is online rn. I can see what he's at. Would you want an image?
  8. Just told him to. I'll wait to see when he does. Would you like an image of it?
  9. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198323965095 is his profile
  10. EliteK1ng88 is trying to download TruckersMP but he can't because it's saying he hasn't played the games for 2 hours, but he's played them for longer than that. What can we do to fix it? THIS HAS BEEN SOLVED!
  11. Thanks for helping me! I greatly appreciated it! Thank you.
  12. So basically, I was able to play TruckersMP literally an hour ago and now it says my TruckersMP Client is not valid and the connection won't work. It has not told me how to fix this error, I've never seen this and I would like help please.
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