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  1. Hello [GER] Schlumpf, Is this problem happening with any load? Because as i know some loads have problem if you make sudden brake wheels turn left or right because of load. Can you make sure about this? For example, when you use without loading, same problem happens or not?
  2. Hello kaloriferen, I hope this helps 1. Open Steam 2. Go to Library and click Home 3. Click Euro Truck Simulator 2 4. Click Play 5. Select the option Launch with OpenGL (64-bit) and click Play 6. Drive a short distance in single-player and then close the game 7. Restart your PC 8. Open the TruckersMP Launcher. See if that works. If NOT; 1. Press the Windows Key + R (Win+R) on your keyboard 2. Enter %programdata% and press Enter 3. Find the folder TruckersMP and delete that folder 4. Navigate to C:\Program Files\ and delete the folder named TruckersMP Launcher 5. Re-install Launcher with admin privileges: https://truckersmp.com/download/ . Also make sure you have steam open when launching TruckersMP and try launching the game as administrator. Mustafa
  3. Hello, Please follow these steps: Make sure your GPU driver is up to date Steam > Library > Right click on the ETS2 > Properties > Local files > verify the integrity of the game cache. My Documents > Euro Truck Simulator 2 > Delete the '' Config. Cfg '' file and then open a new profile. and if nothing works, you can change your tag's color manually: Go to your Documents Open your ETS2MP or ATSMP folder Open the config.txt file Search for something called " "tag_color" ", which has some numbers behind it. Those numbers behind this "tag_color" is the Decimal code of a color. If you want to get your own color from somewhere, ask for the color code. This can be something like "#78909C", which is the color of the Community Moderators here on the forum. If you have this color code, use the following website to change your Hexidecimal code to a Decimal code: https://www.mathsisfun.com/hexadecimal-decimal-colors.html The example color I used, is the following in Decimal code: "7901340" Use this code to replace whatever is placed behind "tag_color" in your config file. Best Regards, Mustafa
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