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  1. Suggestion Name: Cabin Accessorises for skoda Suggestion Description: Have cabin accessories for inside the skoda or make the cabin accessories dlc compatible with the skoda Why should it be added?: It be good to customise your skoda with accessorises
  2. Suggestion Name: /fix command for when you dont have a trailer Suggestion Description: I think we should add a fix command for when you dont have a trailer and for skodas without caravans Why should it be added?: as there are many users out there who drive skodas and get alot of damage etc so it would be great to add a fix command so they can carry on with there journey
  3. So im driving along the calais-dusiburg road doing the speed limit and i have some very inpatient truckers behind me honking me and flashing me to go faster. Do i go faster and potentially do wreck less driving> or Should i ignore them and carry on the speed i am doing? Bear in mind i am recording
  4. People choose to go at dangerous high speed around corners etc, they choose to take the risk of causing a accident and doing wreck less driving. Me on the other hand i CHOOSE To stick to the speed limit and remain safe especially on the calais duisburg road. In my opinion people speeding round bends and doing more than 100kmh on the Calais duisburg road and wreckless driving That is being wreckless not careless Think of it this way, if you CHOOSE to get up in the morning play truckersmp and do a ridiculous speed on roads such as C-D Then truckersmp isnt the place for you End of the day there a large percentage of the community who do CHOOSE to stick to the speed limit and who are safe and good drivers But unfortunately there a percentage that dont which ruins it for us drivers who CHOOSE to drive properly and safely. By reducing bans this wont help the issue at all but make it worse as there will be more of them on the road causing chaos
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