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  1. I think the Italia DLC is my favorite because ... First of all it is my country, but above all I also really like hairpin bends, they are quite nice with a truck.
  2. Hi! I think the Road To The Black Sea DLC is pretty cool, it's really cool and it also adds a lot of new companies. Also I really like country roads, so this dlc is perfect for me.
  3. Hi! I am currently driving with the Logitech G29 + H Shifter and the "Advanced" ZF 16 gear setting, i think it's pretty cool because it feels like you're driving a real truck. I think it's a nice configuration and also quite cheap. Sometimes I also use an interesting app called SIM Dashboard.
  4. Am I the only one thinking that a dedicated server with some truck mods would be a nice idea? Idk, Iveco 190.38, MAN F2000, Volvo FH Mk1, Stuff like that . It would be a nice improvement .
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