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  1. but this is a program if you're using a joystick, right? ...i'm using the keyboard, and the X button works perfectly in windows (10 professional) and if i assign X button to (for example) brake in truckersmp, it works as well.
  2. no, i don't see it when i press X
  3. that's the optioin i choose when i have my headset connected, still not working have been thinking about this also, but it's not working AND MICROPHONE IS WORKING IN WINDOWS
  4. i have 3 options: default Mappeur de sons microsoft - input internal microphone (connexion stereo) laptop integrated microphone casque (usb device) headset
  5. these are my settings, for now devices are set as default because i don't have my usb headset with me, but even if my headset is connected and set up, nothing happens, even when i push on start test, nothing happens. how is the start test supposed to behave? do i have to keep on pushing on "start test" button or just press once? in the blank field, left from "start test" button, is there somthing supposed to happen? in-game (settings closed): when i press "x" button, there is supposed to be a little pictogram showing up, is it only showed when i press or does it s
  6. actually it looks more like if the "X" command/assignment of truckersmp ain't working anymore...
  7. thanks @Soul Knight, i'll try this EDIT: didn't solve the problem add. info.: Before i had "x" assigned to some function, but used to delete the assignement earlier, and so it still wasn't working i reinstalled both (game and truckersmp + local files in documents)
  8. nope, the microphone is working fine elsewhere, the problem is in the game as the x button is not activating the voice function
  9. Hello mates, i'm trying to solve a problem for over 2 evenings now regarding the "cb voice" command, normally as i've seen on several posts, that command should be "x" button. but for some unknown reason, seems it's not working at all... Microphone works fine on any other program and in windows settings, the thing is, even if the microphone is not working i guess i should still see the icon show up when i press "x" right? i've been trying all mentionned (as far as i have found them) like: Make sure that the correct device is selected in Steam> Settin
  10. Thanks, this is awesome, will definitely make us more alert on the road
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