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  1. So I tried your solution with the "homedir" but sadly it didn't work out, too. temperatures and clocking seems alright. At least there is nothing i could be worried about.
  2. I already deleted everything that had to do with ETS and Truckersmp and reinstalled it. I did everything you guys mentioned above. I really think it's something wrong with the truckersmp cause everything works perfectly fine in singleplayer. So I don't really think that the problem is my pc itself, I think it's a problem created by Truckersmp client. It definately isn't my FPS cause in Singleplayer i get up to 100 fps without these laggs and on truckersmp i reach like 70 fps on ultra settings in crowded places (with laggs). It already does start lagging in the Truckersmp login screen so FPS really shouldn't be the problem.
  3. Hey guys, it hasn't been solved yet. Thanks for the answers but I have tried everything you mentrioned :/
  4. I already tried it, but this wasn't the problem.
  5. First things first, my speccs: GPU: 1050 ti cpu: i7 installed on ssd (truckersmp and ets2 / 140gb of free space on it ) 16gb ram windows 10 My Problem looks like this: If I start ETS2 in singleplayer mode, I can play on highest resolution and shit without laggs or micro stutters BUT if I try to play it on truckersmp multiplayer i get 1sec lagg spikes every 30secs to 1 minute. It has nothing to do with autosave, i already checked that. It has nothing to do with my settings cause it works in singleplayer. I checked if it happens on crowded places, it happens in non-crowded places, too. I checked if it has something to do with players coming into my area. That isn't the problem, too. This guy had the same problem as me so I tried everything mentioned in this topic, nothing worked. I think it should have something to do with the truckersmp client but i don't know what ^^ pls help ^^ Kind regards
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