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  1. |BoB|

    [23 Nisan 2019] Ş.A.T.T 23 Nisan Konvoyu

    Bu konvoya katılmaya çalışacağım ama yetişebilirsem kardeşimin bayramı olduğu için onu gezdireceğim akşam geri döneceğim umarım orda olurum. 23
  2. You've been on the team since I started this game and you've answered my many questions, so you've been very helpful, maybe you don't know me but I know you.

    Return as soon as possible---



      Thanks for your message! 

  3. Good way, I'm waiting for the balkan map. -sw-
  4. |BoB|

    Spark Logistics

    I congratulate your company,good luck. -sw-
  5. Scania is very important for me to use the game graphics very well. -sw-
  6. |BoB|

    Best DLC in ETS2

    Hello () I think the Daf Modification package is the best.
  7. |BoB|

    How Much Money Do You Have Ingame?

    Hello() No time for too much work, about one hundred and seventy thousand in ETS 2.
  8. |BoB|

    Do you have DLC Krone?

    Hello() When the first dlc package arrived, scs company distributed 10.000 pieces. I won
  9. |BoB|

    [Forum game] Players vs staff

    [1] The order Is going bad.
  10. |BoB|

    What is your favourites Trucks

    Hi; New Scania-S Very sweet :*
  11. |BoB|

    Would you like your logo implemented?

    Hello; Yes It may be nice to install a design into the truck.
  12. |BoB|

    [Forum game] Try to get there to 0!

    Hello Event Member's; 972
  13. |BoB|

    The Last Post Wins!

    Hello; I guess I won.