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  1. Thank you for the follow :wub:

  2. |BoB|

    Best Scenic Routes

    You can try this route, which is one of my favorite routes.
  3. |BoB|

    Signal Flash - Custom development

    It looks very nice, achievements, mate. . .
  4. |BoB|

    Try to get there to 0! (V2)

  5. I prepared it in 2 minutes and my eyes are old

    I congratulate the Turkish people for the Feast of Ramadan.


  6. Yeah, sometimes I'm doing this so he doesn't crash.
  7. |BoB|

    ATS 1.35 Experimental/Open Beta

    I think this update will be perfect and I'll start playing ats now. Even people who don't like this game can start to wonder and play.
  8. |BoB|

    The Last Post Wins!

    If anyone doesn't comment, I win. xD
  9. |BoB|

    Promods x TruckersMP?

    You have a developer team that can do this mode and I believe they can. I expect them to make a statement soon. Looking forward to a positive approach about promod.
  10. |BoB|

    Save Editing Tutorial (In-Depth) + Video

    What do I have to do to replace the cabin of the trucks with codes ?
  11. |BoB|

    How did you come up with your username?

    I found this name randomly because I liked it.
  12. @Sneezy Thanks for the nice photo..ets2_20190501_190556_00.png

  13. Since these road events are not synchronized with mp, there are accidents in the game and I recommend that you do not use road incidents. 'Cause you're the only one who sees him, and there seems to be no roadwork in others. I think the weather in the game is good. so I don't want to comment on it.
  14. |BoB|

    The last number wins!