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  1. To everybody looking for the new decryptor file, you can find it here: New GUI Decryptor Link dead, can't find the file. Unless you've found the file, you should probably use the original post instead. (If you have found it, send me a message so I can add the link!) It's self-explanatory, but they didn't call this in-depth for nothing. Also, be sure to make a backup first. I'm not responsible if you lose your save data. Step 1: Click the three dots next to the field that says Input File. Step 2: Find your game.sii file, and press Open. If you want the decrypted file to be as its own file, you can repeat Steps 1 and 2 with "Output File"...just make sure you rename it to something other than game.sii if you decide to do that. Step 3: Click "Start processing". Once it's done, you can resume with the guide from after the file has been decrypted. Happy trucking!
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