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  1. my opinion is that in a VTC the is more interaction with others making it more enjoyable to drive i have also played alone for many hours before joining a VTC and thought why do i play
  2. i have been playing from 2019 not that very active but would like to make some friends
  3. I not sure if you mean servers you can rent or TMP staff private servers ?
  4. hi my name is Tim I am 37 live in London I am supervisor for the biggest food distribution company in Europe exporting to overseas And over seeing a large team of 150 people
  5. Mine is set to Simple Automatic I have a steering wheel and shifter G290 but the desk I have I cant attached the steering wheel or shifter to I need a new desk lol
  6. Italy for me nice roads and nice environment.
  7. hopefully its a great feature that i will most definitely use
  8. I think red & white is the best mix of colours I have seen
  9. I would love to see Ireland & Spain added in the future most players I have spoke to want this
  10. I think it depends on the route you are talking and just the time and place anyone could hit you or you could crash
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