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  1. I think the "CD" route is very used because it is an area where we do not need DLC, which contains a one-lane road and which is not flat. I also think it's a route where a lot of people meet, so when people want to see people, well, they take this famous route. because driving without meeting anyone quickly becomes boring.
  2. I agree with you. All that remains to be seen .. so personally I will follow the case but I hope there will be a solution to this "problem".
  3. I totally agree with you. But must still keep a limitation because for some players, it's tempting to accelerate. so limiting speed to 130 is ideal.
  4. I am for the increase of the speed limit but not for the disappearance. I think the limit should be set at 130 km / h. I think the cars are still controllable at this speed and the highways are limited to 130. For the trucks I am neutral. trucks in europe cannot pass the 100 km / h max, and again it is only in one country. But it is true that it is quickly annoying to be alone on a straight road where there is nobody. So i'm neutral.
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