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    I am looking for new learnings such as new languages, new jobs, etc... Knowledge is never too much, but yes, it is a glass that never fills. Wise is he who keeps trying.
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  2. Concordo plenamente com o comentário do @Skywalker_. Para comboio de eventos entre empresas por exemplo, o SCSMP acaba sendo melhor opção devido a opção de servidores restritos e a facilidade de criá-los enquanto aqui no TruckersMP há um certo procedimento um pouco mais complexo para adquirir um servidor privado. Mas podemos considerar que, Concorrência gera melhorias...
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      ALLIANCE _Thyagoof

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  9. So, sometimes it happens to me too. In my case it would be a bad connection to the internet or a lot of people using it at the same time as not here Fiber Optics. It can also be instability on the servers since Simulations 1 and 2 are always full ... Try restarting your internet modem so that it gains another IP if it is not a PPPoE connection.
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  11. #Suport Team: I would like to be part of the Support Team. Why? There are people in need of help all the time, in which case I see that it is an opportunity to pass on my knowledge to others. #Game Moderator or #Report Moderator: With the great growth of our community I see the importance of always having someone monitoring everyone's daily activities.
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