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  1. truckersmp servers were down for a little! Hope that answers it!
  2. ItzLincoln


    Name:Autokick too sensitive Suggestion:Turn down the unreliable connection autokick to not kick when FPS might get instable. Images Situation: My FPS can get sometimes unstable when my PC is cold or been on for quite some time. Unfortunatly the Unreliable connection autokick thinks this is my internet connecting being jumpy however in fact it is my FPS that wobbles. It differs though when it does actually kick. Sometimes it kicks when i have a small 5fps drop sometimes at 15fps drops. Why should this be added changed?: It would help if either:A reconnect option was added or the autokick being turned down so it will not pick up on FPS drops.
  3. This shall be the first DLC i will get
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