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  1. Relax time... #Promods



  2. I think this event demonstrates how important these sensitive issues such as breast cancer are and how much we can do to help. If we all contribute we can make a great contribution!



  3. Guy drinking Coca-Cola in a Pepsi truck.


    A Macbook in a Microsoft conference.





    1. ScaniaFan89


      XBOX using a PC when the XB1 launched at E3 & the guy having a switch in his pocket in case the kinnect didn't respond......Revealing the console which was instantly slammed for looking like a Betamax! 

  4. Of course I do, and I blink my lights to indicate that the truck. can. enter. to. the. lane. again...
  5. I know that feel bro...
  6. Sirens.. sirens.... and more sirens :truestory:

    1. Suleyman.53


      You should listen to this; :troll:


    2. Miyu*


      It's getting more and more annoying...

  7. thanks for the follow back

  8. Thanks for the follow dude :P

  9. Thanks for the follow.^_^

    1. Energetic Panda

      Energetic Panda

      No problem dude ;)

  10. Racing trucks are so awesome! #OneTruckFamily


  11. I like the truck, but you can put only 1 item on the dashboard and the sound when you leave some company to the road it's not very pleasant to be honest. After all, this new version is one of my favourites ^^
  12. Winter mod = Drifting mod

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