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  1. I usually stay in the area of Germany. It's been updated and I like being around a large number of players.
  2. i would say the trailer needs to be blocking most or all of the road.
  3. It could work how gmod does. when you join a sever in gmod it downloads all the mods that are in it. And once you leave the server the game deletes these mods. I don't think it'll work with a 4k player limit, maybe something more around 1k, with only supported, approved mods.
  4. Clearing all chrome data fixed my issue.
  5. Appeal Ban, Reports, Feedback, and Support on the website all give me a 500 error, can't open the page. I can't even use the support page and get help because the page can't load.
  6. I always say rec when I record someone. I do this because if they say sorry in the chat after I told them, they won't be reported. I also put recording in my tag and drive fast (have my own car now so normal ets driving is kinda boring) I don't care what you do to me or others, the only way you're getting recorded from me is if you hit me or brake checking, and sometimes I record other people getting hit from someone.
  7. I've come across many people who drive around 20 mph on a 50mph road on purpose, they have no cargo, just a empty trailer. When people try to lawfully pass them, they start speeding up on purpose. This usually ends in a crash, that these people knowingly did. How do you feel about these people?
  8. Well for me I only play on C-D road. TMP is just too dead for it to be fun anywhere else on the map, they either need to combine all servers into one, or finally make ai cars into mp. I have 225 reports and 98% is accepted. I report atleast 5-10 people a day
  9. Before the update to make bans private, I would also ban based on the past. If someone lagged, and hit me, will they won't have any issues if they were recording themselves and showing that as a ban appeal. tbh everyone needs to be recording in this game. If you aren't, you need to start before it's too late.
  10. Reports: 225 Accepted: 213 Declined: 12
  11. I know when people tell me that i'm lagging. Also my mirrors, if I see the guy behind me fly into the air I know what happened, and I have seen myself in yt videos from other players, my truck is not lagging one bit. And, of course mods aren't banning for lagging, but a ban video isn't always the full picture, that's why I record myself, to ban and protect myself. Like I said, I was driving on C-D road and this truck rubberbanded into this guy, the guy crashed into another truck on the opposite lane. Mod probably looked over at the last second to only see him crash into the player, and did not see the lag. Mod banned him for 3 days. If that guy was not recording himself...well that ban is forever on his record, thanks to a lagger.
  12. 1. I have LAG in my name, so even on the rare times that I do lag, people know already. When I do so, it is a small lag, i'm talking about the people where their trucks are actually causing a traffic jam because their truck is dead stopped on the road for 30 secs to even minutes at a time. 2. When you are causing other drivers to be banned, because you are lagging, that's when you should stop playing.
  13. Other way around. Laggers are causing crashes and bans on the road. I saw some guy 5-6 car lengths away from a lagger and he still got hit by the rubberband. Guy got slingshoted to the other road and then a mod banned him for 3 days. If you constantly lag you shouldn't be playing mp.
  14. I call people laggers to warn others on the road. I'm from the U.S and once every few days I lag, and that's okay! But if your truck is dead stopped in the road for 30 secs at a time... you shouldn't be playing mp at all. Crazy that i'm getting better connection from across the world compared to people miles away from the servers.
  15. This goes both ways, don't go onto C-D Road with the Winter Mod. I can't tell you how many people hit me today and then typed in the chat "sorry winter mod", either turn off the mod or turn off the physics and turn off snow.
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