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  1. Clearing all chrome data fixed my issue.
  2. Appeal Ban, Reports, Feedback, and Support on the website all give me a 500 error, can't open the page. I can't even use the support page and get help because the page can't load.
  3. all lanes of traffic have yield signs, these roads are based off of the 2 in C-D road. I only put the 2 yield signs because otherwise it would get confusing with signs everywhere
  4. So in this picture, who has the right of way? I'm pretty sure the purple truck has the right of way. And the green and pink has to yield. But in-game when I stop for said purple truck, people behind me honk and tell me im reported for blocking. Am I actually blocking or what?
  5. Like i said not my fault they don't go through the ghost mode truck and start overreacting. If there was a no damage mod I wouldn't need to autosave. There is a line where I have to start caring about myself rather than others, sure you can feed all the homeless in the world but then you'll have no money and become homeless yourself. Sure I can care about someone else's truck but then what about me? I have to F7 and waste another 20 mins of my life for it to happen all over again. I'm tired of the horrible drivers on the road, C-D road is the hunger games. Sure you can help others but one way or another, only one person is coming out of it alive and that is gonna be me. I have over 6 pages of people banned on truckers mp website, all from C-D road. Anyways I only use the autosave when my truck is stuck, I don't carry goods on C-D so my only worry is being stuck, and I autosave so often that when I do so, people are still waiting on the accident that caused me to crash just a few cars up ahead, very rare that I will spawn with trucks speeding along.
  6. There is a point to why ghost mode is in the game. I'm tired of turks smashing into me and doing F7 and having to restart my whole trip again. I can only play for a certain amount of time, doing F7 would mean I would never complete my trip. Because they removed the ability to have the no damage mod, this is the only way to do it. I have my (A) key mapped to autosave, so when I click (A) the game autosaves. I do this everytime I think someone is about to hit me, it works so well. A turk hits me, I spawn back 2 feet away and carry on while his crashed truck sits there and awaits the ban. It's not my fault the game has a bug where ghost mode isn't treated as ghost mode. And the people that overreact to seeing a spawning truck? Their fault, they know spawing trucks are in ghost mode so just drive through them like I do, and even if ghost mode didn't work well... I autosaved 2 seconds ago so no issue here!
  7. Since there is no way for me to save myself from bad drivers and trolls and hackers I use the autosave feature. My (A) key on my controller is mapped to autosave so I save every 30 seconds or so. I've seen it so many times, Someone loads in and even though they spawn in ghost mode, whoever the unlucky person that was currently inside said truck gets flinged off into the sun. It's happened to me on both sides, and iv'e had someone tell me that i'm recorded and banned for a glitch in the game. Can I really get banned for something out of my control? I would use the no damage mod but well that's banned so... Also as you know, when ghost mode turns off whoever is still inside you is in ghost mode...sometimes. Sometimes they fly into space also. Please fix this, I don't want people getting banned for a glitch in the game they had no control over.
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