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  1. @schrute_farms Someone Didnt Get The Joke... oof I Said Euro Truck Is Not All About C-D. Explore Some New Roads And Dont Give Road To Overtakers.Also Trollers...
  2. So I Asked Scs Software To Delete Calais-Duisburg They Said To Me TruckersMP Should Remove Trolls And Hackers From Calais-Duisburg. LOL
  3. Lol True,But İ Don't Think They Are Going To Add Turkey To ETS2
  4. Bence Yeterli Cevabı Almıştır. Sorunun Çözümü Windows'un En Son Sürümüne Geçmek. Böylelikle Gelen Güncellemeler İle Performansda Yükseliş Yaşanacaktır.
  5. I Think When Germany Road Refresh Update Comes C-D Road Will Be Empty.Now We Can See Trolls At Germany =D
  6. Hanedan Arkaşamızın Dediği Doğrudur.Youtube Videolarına Yada Donanımarşivi Gibi Teknoloji Forumlarına Bakarsanız Aradığınız Cevap Windows 10 (Pro Versiyonu Bi Tık Üstün) Olacaktır.
  7. @EG0611 Thanks I Wıll Try That Road Mate.
  8. Thank You For All Your Comments And İdeas! Can Anyone Reccomend Me A Road Busy Like C-D?
  9. @JeffSFC Thats True Tough.But It Can Be Useful If You Want To Edit Your Truck But You Dont Have Any Ideas So You Can Copy From Other People =F (Like Me Shhhh)
  10. @[VIVA] Kravatie [H64] So İ Should Delete My Friends! Who Wants To Go To France? =D
  11. Euro Truck Is Not All About Calais-Duisburg TruckersMP Players! I Saw Them They Have All The Map DLC's But They Are Only Using Calais-Duisburg =D.My Friends Also When They Got Logged On They Say "Lets Go To Duisburg!" Then I Say "Uhhh Again? Hell No I Am Going To Use My France DLC" Is There A Way To Delete Calais-Duisburg From The Map? I Want To Play With My Friends Please Help Me! LOL (A Joke Only ETS2 Players Will Understand... RIP) I Wıll Be Happy If You Show Your İdeas About What Do We Do If We Have This Problem. Fell Free To Comment :F
  12. @Can_T. Windows 10'a Yükseltmesi Kendisinin Yararına Olacaktır.
  13. Teşekkürler Renault Magnum Tırımda Çok Özel Duracak
  14. Windows 10 Denerseniz İyi Olur,Şu Anda En Performanslı İşletim Sistemi Windows 10'dur Gerisini Tanımam.
  15. Doblo


    Hello There! I Have That Same Problem Before But I Realısed I am At Wrong Steam Account. Change It To Your TruckersMP Account And It Wıll Be Fixed.If Its Fixed Please Notify Us.
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