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  1. Wohoo! Thanks! But I don't understand why people crying about this. We're playing in Euro Truck SIMULATOR 2. I played a lot of on EU2 and I love it. But I still love it playing on this server. I really don't care this speed limit because this is a simulation server. In real life you can't get above 90km/h your speed. There is a limiter in the truck. If you want to race with your friends, just go on an arcade server.
  2. ^ thats correct. I'm not in a hurry, so I'm just slow down every time. Thats the good choice.
  3. TruckersFM or YouTube play list.
  4. I bought R6 siege two weeks ago with full price. Because I forgot the summer sale But I really want to buy the Italia DLC, so maybe someday. Hello winter sale!
  5. Edwikehh

    Easter Eggs

    wow thanks for creating this topic. i've never seen all of them
  6. If I had to choose. . . Italia DLC Italia DLC is so beautiful.
  7. DLC? Uhm, no(?). But I like narrow roads, dangerous roads and I played with Scania Driving Simulator. And it is good enough for me. You can try it.
  8. Good question. But lots of people likes chaos in this game (me too).
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