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  1. Edwikehh

    Road to Simulation

    Wohoo! Thanks! But I don't understand why people crying about this. We're playing in Euro Truck SIMULATOR 2. I played a lot of on EU2 and I love it. But I still love it playing on this server. I really don't care this speed limit because this is a simulation server. In real life you can't get above 90km/h your speed. There is a limiter in the truck. If you want to race with your friends, just go on an arcade server.
  2. ^ thats correct. I'm not in a hurry, so I'm just slow down every time. Thats the good choice.
  3. Edwikehh

    Easter Eggs

    wow thanks for creating this topic. i've never seen all of them
  4. If I had to choose. . . Italia DLC Italia DLC is so beautiful.
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