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  1. Ok guys, the only way to solve this is to reinstall eurotruck simulator 2 from steam, so unistall and reinstall from ZERO. I know what you said can be helpful in minor conseguences but this was a real big problem, don't know what happened tho.. As a last standing i reinstalled again ETS2 from steam and the multiplayer mod too, so magically, it worked. Thanks anyway...
  2. Literally guys, i have done everything you said. From the first step to the last one. I swear i tried everything, but still doesn't work with the online mod, only in single player.
  3. Now he says my last dlc is from today.. but still..
  4. Today i bought vive la france dlc, now the problem is: if i start truckersmp he doesn't update my dlc list so it says "This loading depends from a dlc u don't have". The fact is my ETS2 single player works well with the dlc and has no conflict with it..
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