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  1. @Ali. Hi Ali, yes, fortunately there are always a few GMs in the game and it's a good thing, it's just not possible for one person or two people to manage the current people on the server, I know the requirements to be a GM but if this option is many times CLOSED and cannot apply. The problem that there are also people with requirements that are needed, but who do not know the procedure to do to apply to become GM I advise you to find a solution to find GM if you are really looking for them, recruitment will be slow, it will take time rightly. but al, less serious problems are settled calmly. By now the people who have fun trolling for the first 3 bans do not seem to me a real punishment, if a player does it at the post and an account, but if he likes to overtake in dangerous spots, or he does so by post, I advise him to make a new one more punitive ban, by now at least half of the server and full of people who control it, and they know that and swallowed the server, here are pk there are many who check it because there is no control.
  2. Do not think that it is one of those that criticizes etc .. just because I do not complete my profile as it seems to me a prehistoric profile I avoid seeing the antiquarian stuff, for how long and that will not be updated.
  3. Hi, I don't know what you can't understand with all my deep respect, Now list it as an expense list some answers that many people would like to know. - Why are the requests for moderation closed? if there is no suitable control, as unfortunately there are few moderators in the game. and would need staff. (I'm sorry to see a nice MP going down this road, many guys I know will change servers, for reasons of (inadequate control) The forum is well managed by how I see it. I, like many others, got bored, and many people will go to TMP in my opinion, given that every report seen and how to see the solar eclipse I complain, but I can also cheat, but I regret that a magnificent MP with many staff members (who are not enough) to see this problem that does not take nt to solve it, will take some time, but not so a long time, since these problems in my opinion will be from a year to 1 year and pass that game and the MP never arrived at this low level - another question, but how is it possible that there are such moderation problems but so highly trivial?
  4. @povgamer I unfortunately do not have a requirement to become a moderator. The problem is that it is not the moderators we have, because they already do too much, the problem and that there are so few moderators that the server is uncontrolled, not everyone can afford to record, and therefore they hope for a vision of the report through TAB, which many times is not seen, because there are few moderators. I, for now and for a short while, have a laptop and it sucks enough, I will have done on hundreds of reports in tab, and thanks to what looks at me from the other they have seen reports of about a fortnight, By now, almost 3 million people have registered on TMP, and how many moderators are there? I give 100 I think, then the moderators are not told that they are always at the same time every day, they too have a social life in which it does not allow them to stay behind the monitor every day, and so there needs to be other new moderators they replace
  5. Good rest A general question to TMP But how is it possible that recruitment is closed if only 1% 100 of the TAB reports are viewed? There are few moderators, and many more moderators are needed to maintain a server, how is it possible that there are no new moderators? There are many good people who would like to do it, and who are as good as the moderators we currently have. This comment is my opinion
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