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  1. Thank you for accepting me to drive with you and I apologize for making me wait on the spot :wub:

    @[PL]Winged Hussar[SK] 

    #Pries Logistics








  2. thank you for helping people you are amazing the solution was to free up space in disk c so check how much space i have downloaded all the files for promotions without checking the def file if anyone has this problem here is the solution that helped me thanks to all of you with helpful answers, the problem has been resolved thank you for your help and your time
  3. after launching the safe with a promo the game throws me straight to the desktop and the start menu icon is hidden
  4. hello everyone i have a problem with promods when you put it in single player my game crashes after i entered mp crashes log if anyone had this problem i would have enjoyed any ideas thank you in advance for your time
  5. the picture was taken in an arcade server
  6. I, as a player with all dlc cards, will take a walk around the promod to see what will be the curiosity but many friends do not have the opportunity to buy the card to play together in a promo so I will play on all servers
  7. i think C- D will stay for people who don't have dlc for a card and those who have will go out for promod ie it would be interesting if we have c -d and some new busy road
  8. in the early life of the road you see trucks cars and many more vehicles I sometimes disagree as I drive a car but considering the rules of the game and on the road as far as pilot cars I use the signaling and only when escorting many people or heavy people but according to the rules
  9. priority signs need to be taken care of even more so that you don't even look at anyone coming you have navigation on which points are displayed as soon as you see a point means a truck / car is coming accordingly you should skip the truck / car if it has priority this is where the convoy case comes in as we know on convoy traffic lights are not respected ok here my opinion if there is a person on whom the green lights up does not prevent us to miss it and then catch up with the others it will be interesting to hear your views as well
  10. these are young children who enjoy ruining someone's delivery or new players in our trucking community because I have personally met people who play this game only and just mess with someone they are not interested in simulation
  11. i drive everywhere without kale duisburg i don't like the over crowd and the trollers out there i like to listen to music make me relax and have fun while making any delivery
  12. on this topic if i see an intruder in an area with many people i create a report in the game but then thanks to my record i create a yeb report and up to a week the offender is punished but have patience really game moderators have privacy problems they are not machines that stand 24/7 to watch reports but they are still extremely fast considering how many people are reporting
  13. I most often drive with a black-yellow truck or black-red
  14. Thanks for the follow! I really appreciate that a lot  ❤️

  15. Thank you for following me :wub:

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      No problem. :)

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