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  1. Nigtwish

    Official Convoy - 29 June 2019

    incredible route <3
  2. Nigtwish

    Voice navigation in MP

    Hallo for now there is no mod to voice navigation as mod can use similar roles in single player I hope you will not disappoint my answer happy trucks
  3. Nigtwish

    connection error - retry?

    hello to this problem I know a few solutions check if Direct x is the latest version - official websait: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35 if the error continues find in the start menu - Virus & threat protection find Virus & threat protection settings and stop real - time protection you can also watch this video: Тhe last version I know is written by @KingModzv11
  4. Nigtwish

    Trucker Mp query

    HELLO When installing a tmp, uncheck the ats and the problem should be solved
  5. Тake a rest and continue


  6.   @Newo  thank you for letting me take pictures of you


  7. Nigtwish

    Add timestamps to in-game chat

    +1 this will be useful for gaming moderators because it will avoid the false time of the report, ie if the occurrence occurred at 20:00 but the person wrote that it happened at 22:00
  8. Nigtwish

    Hama-thunder v5 small problem

    Hello . Yesterday I won a Hama-thunder v5 steering wheel and I have a small problem with the pedal installation. Everything works like people but by clicking one of the blades it corresponds to the LB button on which the corresponding pedal also responds .. That is, the blades and the pedals are a knob ... How can I fix it? thanks in advance
  9. Are there any Volvo fans? :90: :wub:


  10. Hello another way of a solution that helps me is to stop real - time protection type in the start menu of your windows virus & threat protection as you enter inside you have to go to virus & threat protection settings another way of a solution that helps me is to stop real - time protection
  11. Nigtwish

    Logitech G920, wheel turns over fast

    this topic helped me a lot I fixed the problem when I removed from the key and button settings turning with the A D buttons I pressed cancel and the problem is fine and now everything works perfectly here are the steps in the picture 1 go options 2 go keys& buttons 2 3 find a turn to the left and turn right 4you find the unassingn buton and you press it 5 select a turn left and remove the buttons 5 6 select a turn to the right and remove the buttons 7 after completing the steps, go in and check to see if everything is OK if none of the above is helpful go back to the settings but this time go to the Controls and everything to the transmission should be like to me with the difference that you have to write your steering wheel model I sincerely hope to have helped you and have fun with your new steering wheel. Keep in mind that steering with a steering wheel is different, please take care carefully
  12. POLICE :wub::90:



    a little late photo :tmp::wub:

    if the @Adrian22-PL is against the tag and the photo is uploaded please write to remove it



  14. Nigtwish

    Driving with friends

    hello my suggestion is to check outsourcing or world of truck deliveries and if you have the same you have to pick them up at the same time so you can both drive the same delivery for the same company