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  1. Thank you for follow mate!

    1. [RLC CEO] John Marston

      [RLC CEO] John Marston

      No problem mate, thanks for your follow :)

  2. Thank You for the follow :) 
    Have a nice evening <3 

  3. I made some photos today, I hope you guys like them. :)






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    2. aalb75


      Great photo's. really classy Truck :)

    3. [RLC]  Alon

      [RLC] Alon

      Great picture, dear leader.:D

    4. Nigtwish


      Unique photos of nice trucks and successful week :wub::wub:

  4. We want to thank LKW for the amazing and fun event today! :) 

    Congrats with the 4 Years! Love <3 :wub:


    1. [RLC] Phonyang
    2. [RLC] Dark_Owl_

      [RLC] Dark_Owl_

      Yeah , I also thanks all for the participation ^^ :-) 

      we like you our Leader 



    Are you good in creating banners, graphics and editing photos? Then we we need your help! :)


    We are looking for more graphic designers to help the RLC Community for creating some awesome content. Therefore, we are opening the application for our RLC Brand Team. For this role you DO NOT need to be a RLC Member. This means you can become this role even if you are not in our VTC. This allows us to have more imput from others aswell. We are working to get a very good team, and you can become part of it! :)


    Down below you can find application form to apply as a Graphic Designer. The main tasks you need to do as being part of our Brand Team is creating banners, posters, editing photos and alot of more related to graphics. You can be very creative within this role, and everything is up to you. ;)


    If you are a person that loves to do graphics work, and does this on a very high level and that wants to help out the RLC Community please apply! <3


    Apply here: http://bit.do/ePcUc


    I hope you want to join our Graphics Team! Love <3

    1. dawetther.


      Thank you for helping me! :wub:

  6. :wub: Drive 4 Life 2019 :wub:


    :wub: AHL 1 Year Anniversary :wub:


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    2. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      awesome parking :wub:

    3. [RLC]  Alon

      [RLC] Alon

      Great RLC team photos, working together;)

    4. courtzz49


      love it :D


  7. This is John's son speaking, John is no longer with us anymore... :(



    1. Encrypted_


      I feel like this is an April Fools joke


      If he really did pass away, condolence. 

    2. Guest



  8. Memories... :wub:


    I always used to drive with this trailer everyday, but when Trailer Ownership came this became history. It was nice to drive with it again <3



    1. Ady Man

      Ady Man

      Nice Photo:wub:

    2. Encrypted_


      I agree with that 

  9. :tmp: We Are RLC :tmp:


    Credits to @[RLC MM] PanterC for the amazing video! :wub:


  10. Congrats my bro! Finally we can drive police cars together xd! Have fun <3 :tmp::wub:

    1. [RLC EM] SMURFY


      Thanks <3 Admeen patrols! 

  11. :wub: RLC 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY :wub:


    First of all I would like to thank everybody for coming to our anniversary, and for showing us massive support through out the whole event! It was incredible to see more then 180 people at our truckfest. It is unbelievable that we started 1 year ago with a convoy with only 5/6 people in it, and now one year later to such a massive big event. I never ever excepted this, and couldn't even imagine something like this ever. As you can see 1 year can go very fast, and alot can happen. I am very happy with this community, because of you all amazing and kind people! 


    I want to give a special thanks to everybody that helped with this event, because we couldn't do it without you! This includes, RLC Managers, RLC CC Team, RLC Media team, RLC Members, all the people that helped with Media and CC from other VTC's during the event, VTC's that participated, GM's, and the rest of our community that showed up. Big thanks to you all! :)


    This year was amazing, but there are many more to come!


    If you would like to see the pictures & videos of the event, please go to our Discord server. :)


    Thanks everybody! #RLC4LIFE <3


    Credits to @dawetther. for the amazing banner! :wub:


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    2. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      congrats on 1 year anniversary of RLC :wub:

    3. [RLC]  Alon

      [RLC] Alon

      I took part in the event, it was great, it was perfect, I wish the RLC team a better future.:)


    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Great to see it went so well :D  :wub:

  12. Congratulations on the anniversary of your company.Have a good year.