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  1. @Killua // Ireland ^_^ finally gave his cows some food and water. And some time to stretch their legs in the grass. :lol:





    Helping with GM Support for Humanity 24 event, it was fun! <3


  2. Good morning everybody! :)


  3. Y2I2OTdlNzRjZWQ.png

    New Website & officially Verified VTC


    Good evening everybody,


    I hope you all have had a awesome week so far, and I would like to end it even better. :)


    After many months I can finally announce that we have got our own Red Line Cargo website! We have deleted our old weebly website, and replaced it with our own unique one.


    Ofcourse without the hard work from our RLC Brand Team for provding images, banners etc and our RLC Website Developer Sam this would not have been possible. Together they have created a amazing website which we all are very happy with! Also a big shout out to Michael Ross t for providing the web hosting, the website is super faaaaast.


    Link: https://redlinecargovtc.com/ - https://truckersmp.com/vtc/4


    If you find any errors or anything similiar you can contact Sam on our Discord.


    Also because of this and meeting the requierements we have officially been verified by TMP. This means a lot to us and puts a crown on our work.


    Thank you all so much! <3


    I wish everybody good evening and start exploring our new website! Love <3

  4. Red Line Cargo Red Line Cargo is one of the most famous and active VTCs in the community with members from all over the world that love to drive together. RLC was first founded on the 21st of February 2018 as Marston’s Trucking Company by John Marston and soon after renamed to Red Line Cargo. RLC is known for our weekly convoys that are provided for the community. We host our ETS2 Convoys on a Tuesday and a Saturday while our ATS convoys are on a Wednesday. We have a dedicated CC & Media team that will provide an awesome convoy. With hosting more than 100 convoys, we are well experienced. Unlike other VTCs, we don’t have strict activity rules. Instead of forcing members to do a certain amount of convoys, we allow our members to go to convoys that fit to their schedule. This way there is less pressure on our members and makes RLC a much more laid back and friendly VTC. With over 70 members and growing, we are one of the most active VTCs in TruckersMP. If you want to join Red Line Cargo or find out more, please check out the links below. • Discord: https://discord.gg/Qk5eh6b • Website: https://redlinecargovtc.com/ • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/redlinecargovtc/ • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/redlinecargovtc • Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/redlinecargo Red Line Cargo | The greatest VTC family you have ever experienced.
  5. Hello Buddy, How are you feeling today?


    Thank you for management TruckersMP :D


    TMP Users almost thank to about Game Moderator XD


    1. [RLC CEO] John Marston

      [RLC CEO] John Marston

      I am fine you?


      No problem, I'll do my best for the TMP Community and want to make sure everybody has fun!

  6. The Blue King Of The Road :wub::love:


    1. ScaniaFan89


      Nice,thats on SP isn't it? it annoys me how you cant put horns on the new scania roof bars further back,they could have added a few more slots to allow that! What annoys me more is how 50keda works at scs & yet he releases kesla lightbars etc which could just be added to the game. 


      Honestly the air horns & stuff are so dated i just wish scs would rework them i.e new sounds & better textures etc....what i would give to be able to swap horn sounds between trucks 

    2. Ady Man

      Ady Man

      Nice Photo :wub:

    3. EHHVTC | dangreXF

      EHHVTC | dangreXF

      Nice Photo :wub:

  7. RLC @ Mid Summer Madness | Sun Formation! :wub:


    1. Savage.


      Great formation! It was hard picking. Thank you RLC for coming out <3 

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Great parking :wub:

  8. Just explored Washington for abit for the first time, and I really loved it. :wub:



  9. [RLC CEO] John Marston

    Issues since 1.35

    I have the same issue. When I play on DX11 i get less fps, and my game lags alot more. Also when I press the TAB menu the game freezes for a couple of seconds which is very irritating and not good. I changed to DX9 again and there is no issue. However, I hope this gets fixed so I can go back to DX11.
  10. Weekend! Taking a fuel breaking before heading on to the roads! :wub:


    1. [RLC]  Dark Wolf

      [RLC] Dark Wolf

      nice  I love beautiful pictures.:troll:

  11. Love the new update! :love:


    1. [RLC]  Dark Wolf

      [RLC] Dark Wolf

      John  nice:love:

    2. Driftinter


      nice photo :wub:

    3. Der Joey

      Der Joey

      yeah 1.35 <33