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  1. RLC 2nd Anniversary | 29th February 2020 Hello everyone and welcome to RLC's 2nd anniversary. After another year of great times it is finally time to celebrate our 2nd year of being a VTC. RLC is celebrating it's 2nd anniversary on the 29th February and we want you to join us in the scenic countryside of France! There will be a truckfest and a convoy with plenty of prizes up for grabs. With hosting more than 100 convoys we are glad to say that it has been an amazing journey and we are happy to celebrate another year of great convoys with you guys. We hope so to see you there! RLC Event Information ◉ Event server opens: 16:00 GMT | 17:00 CET ◉ Event staff arrives: 17:00 GMT | 18:00 CET ◉ Truckfest starts: 18:00 GMT | 19:00 CET ◉ Truckfest judging: 18:20 GMT | 19:20 CET ◉ Announcing truckfest winners: 18:30 GMT | 19:30 CET ◉ Convoy start: 19:00 GMT | 20:00 CET ◉ Starting Location: Clermont-Ferrand, A89 Fuel Station ◉ Destination: Salzburg, Quarry ◉ DLC: Vive La France & Italy DLC ◉ Route: https://imgur.com/a/KqxdMfN ◉ Your Time Zone: https://notime.zone/Lr0r9ZO2397GQ ◉ Best Public Truck - Raven Truck Design Pack ◉ Best Save Edited Truck - Actros Tuning Pack ◉ Best VTC Attendance - Italia ◉ Best VTC Parking Formation - Road to the Black Sea ◉ ETS2C: https://ets2c.com/view/83035/john-marston-clermont-ferrand-a89-fuel-station ◉ Discord servers: https://discord.gg/R8uDVgF | https://discord.gg/Qk5eh6b   ◉ VTC slot booking: http://bit.ly/2m6n196
  2. I want to thank @MattTM & Prime Logistics for the event tonight and congratulate you guys with your 1 year anniversary.


    Thanks for having us, we had fun and I hope you guys liked our formation! ❤️


  3. Happy Weekend everybody! 🤗❤️


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    2. [RLC CC] VeLociTy XTRoLl

      [RLC CC] VeLociTy XTRoLl

      That shiney looking truck being used for off roading! 😲

      Have a great weekend John!😁

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    4. YusuFuuR


      Thank you,you too :) 

  4. Y2UwNzc1YjViZGY.png

    1. YusuFuuR


      Perfect Square 👌

    2. Nigtwish


      unique trucks
      unique drivers
      RLS THE BEST :wub:

    3. TeamUSB-Qíng Huà l Driver
  5. Time to test the Renault T @ Groningen. What do you think of the new truck? 😊



  6. I wish everybody a great weekend, and happy trucking! ❤️


  7. RLC Convoy | 14.09.19


    I want to thank everybody for coming to our convoy yesterday. It was a great trip with 110 people participating which is our new record for our public convoys.😮😊🤗


    Credits for our Media member @[RLC MT] G4M3P1X3L for creating these awesome pictures! ❤️







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    2. Chemistry l TeamAudi

      Chemistry l TeamAudi

      RLC, We're team want to play trucking with you're team xD

    3. Alon.


      Very good event, I hope that RLC will get better and better in the future. Besides, I would like to thank John for taking care of me in the RLC team, but I am not in the team now, I still miss all members of RLC.:P

    4. YusuFuuR


      More Beatiful ❤️

  8. With my bro  @IceRaged [NO] ❤️🇳🇴


    Thanks for helping me save edit my new Mercedes! 🤗


  9. Good Night! <3 


    1. Tuna_


      Good night John :)

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    3. Alon.


      Good Night:P

  10. After a amazing convoy on Saturday we are back today with our tuesday DLC Convoy! :)


    Everybody is welcome to join us tonight, and our CC and Media Team will be ready for you all. :wub:


    1. Der Joey

      Der Joey

      I'll see if I'm there :) 

    2. Alon.


      Very good event, I wish you a pleasant trip:P

  11. Tomorrow we are finally back with our RLC Convoys. After having our summer break, we are excited to be back as usual. 


    We hope to see you all back again! :)


  12. I want to thank the whole TMP Community and the TMP Staff members that were at Real Ops V7 yesterday. It was a lot of fun and I hope everybody had a great time. :wub:


    Also thanks to @[WT] AlexXX & @LaserX for the amazing escort we had togehter! Driving the Limo was fun. :troll: 


    Thanks everybody! :wub:




    1. Alon.


      Nice limousine. I love it.:P

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