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  1. Good morning everyone! 👋


    I just wanted to say that yesterday we had a historical and amazing convoy. The first time ever a normal weekly convoy was hosted on an event server. We started two years ago with 5 people coming to our convoys and yesterday we had an event server with over 130 people attending our convoy on a Tuesday. It is crazy to see that we made this possible together as a community. 😊


    I want to thank @Digital from TruckersMP and the other event managers for supporting RLC. We have been working very hard for two years now and the RLC Convoys became huge and the most popular ones on TruckersMP. Having event servers for our convoys is much better for all of us and it provides an even better convoy for everybody. We really appreciate the support from TruckersMP.


    A big thank you to our managers, and the CC & Media Team for hosting these amazing convoys every single week. These are the people that give you the enjoyable and fun convoys, without them this would not have been possible. ❤️


    Finally, I want to thank everybody that participates in our convoys and that supports RLC. It makes us very happy that you are having fun and enjoy our convoys. Every single convoy many of you participate and the positive reactions we are getting is just amazing. 💖


    Thank you all so much, and we hope to see you all at the next upcoming convoys! ❤️

    1. TutoriaLs.


      Everything you get your heart desires, You did a really great job kanka :love:

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