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  1. Hello everyone 👋


    Today I unfortunately have to share very sad news with you all. I always knew that I one day needed to write this announcement but I didn't know when but today is the day. After almost 4 years of existence as a VTC and hosting more than 400 awesome convoys we have made the decision that our amazing journey as a VTC is going to come to an end. This news is most likely unexpected for everyone in the whole community. 


    Through the years we have achieved many great things and build up an awesome and successful VTC with an amazing reputation that we all are very proud of. All the success and fun was made possible by everyone that was part of our VTC/community and that helped and supported us in all those years but as they say, all good things have to come to an end. The reason for this big decision is that not only did the game, VTC and community change but also everyone’s lives. The level of interest, motivation, time and energy isn’t the same anymore as in the beginning for some amongst us due to various reasons. Where I for example had lots of time and playing the game daily to being very busy with life, work and sports. As I always have said, real life goes first. Because of this and thinking together we came to the conclusion that this was the best option.


    But we aren’t done yet, we still have some convoys left this month and we want to go out with a bang and end this amazing journey with a final “Farewell Convoy” where we hope to see everyone in the whole community. Our final convoy will be hosted on the 2nd of November. I (Beau) will also stream this event so everyone has the opportunity to say good bye. 


    All the information regarding the final convoy can be found here https://truckersmp.com/events/5380-rlc-convoy


    We understand that many of you might be shocked or sad about this decision and we really understand. It still feels unbelievable for us as well but our time as RLC unfortunately has come. The Discord community of course won't be closed/deleted but will be turned into a community/gaming server where everyone can still continue to talk, hang out and play games with each other. How everything is going to be like I haven’t decided yet but that will come later.


    Much love and we hope to see you all at the remaining convoys! ❤️


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    2. [Chenxi/COO]*Sange


      Reminds me of Chenxi VTC two years ago. RLC is a symbol of the era, and we will always remember it

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    4. Mirage2357 Mbappé PSG

      Mirage2357 Mbappé PSG

      I am still tearing up.  I loved you, I was never in your company, but I knew and drove with people who have, I wish you best of luck in the future and I will miss you and seeing RLC tags everywhere.  I am apart of Prime logistics but I salute you and your wonderful community and I am so sad to hear this news 😞 I hope you and your community can still manage to have some VTC because VTCs are a family, and big VTCs will be sad, like Prime to see you leave.  I have looked up to some of your drivers for inspiration with driving, El Reja for example.  I hope I can maybe see you again and I will be using your company paint job (with your permission) to respect your company.   I will remember the memories I have made with your company and am so upset I will miss the farewell convoy because of school.  I will however try and make it to every other final event.  I wish you and your team and company happy trucking and encourage you to spend as much time as possible with each other.  I will forever miss you. ❤️ 😪 


      With love,



  2. ☀️☀️☀️


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    2. Angelina2417


      I just love this truck 😍

    3. Davinchø


      Amazing truck beau!! ❤️

    4. BenOC18


      Very Nice Photo ❤️

  3. ☀️😎


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    2. Signore Luca

      Signore Luca

      awesome photo beau looks like cool 🙂 

    3. Lena'


      Cool Scania ❤️

    4. fifi3
  4. Driving through Spain! 🇪🇸


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    2. Angelina2417


      Awesome picture 😊

    3. Shining Stars

      Shining Stars

      Great photos!😍

    4. Davinchø


      Love the scania, nice pic ❤️

  5. I wish everyone a great weekend! 💖


  6. 😎




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    2. [GökBörü] Feedback'
    3. Signore Luca

      Signore Luca

      great photos Beau 🙂 and nice Truck ❤️

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Fantastic photos, especially like that 2nd one 😍🥰

  7. Red Line Cargo | The greatest VTC Family



  8. Have a great Sunday! 😊


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    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Great photo and Scania 🥰🇳🇱 hope you had a great Sunday 🙂

    3. Andrei07.Photo


      Nice truck <3

  9. Have a great weekend everyone! 😎


    Just a few pictures of our amazing Event & Media team. 🥰


    Every single event they provide the highest and best quality! Much respect to all those that are helping us every single time. 💖






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    2. sgtharley5050


      Nice Pictures

    3. Velo.


      Need to bring those red cars back :kappa:

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Great photos 🥰:wub: You have a great weekend too :)

  10. THANK YOU! 💖


    Last Sunday we held our 3 Year Anniversary and what an amazing day it was! 


    We started off with a huge truckfest in Klaipėda where we gave away prizes and followed up with a beautiful route through the Baltics. During the last year we have hosted many big events but last Sunday was unbelievable. With over 600+ participants it became our biggest event yet, this is incredible! 😱


    The whole anniversary went great and it was awesome to see every single one of you. We have gotten a lot of positive feedback and love from everyone and we really appreciate that. 🥰


    But this successful event wouldn’t be possible without our fantastic event staff. We want to thank our event staff for helping us hosting this amazing event, we couldn’t do it without them. 


    Finally, we want to thank everyone that has supported us for the last 3 years and everyone that celebrated our 3 year anniversary with us last Sunday. Much love to all of you! 


    Thank you all so much! ❤️


  11. Today is the day! 😍


    Exactly 3 years ago RLC was founded and what a journey it has become so far. I never expected RLC to become what it is today. An awesome, warm, successful and well respected VTC/community with more than 100+ RLC Members and more than 1700+ community members. We have achieved many things together as a VTC/community and we are very proud of it.


    Since day 1 our goal has been to create positivity and to have fun together and that has gone great for the last 3 years. Many friendships and happy faces have been created which resulted in a great and strong RLC Family! 🥰


    Later today we are going to celebrate the RLC 3 Year Anniversary and we can't wait to receive you all. It is going to be a lot of fun celebrating this great milestone with everyone.


    We want to thank everyone for the continues love and support during the last 3 years, it is unbelievable, much love! ❤️


    We hope to see you all later today at our 3 Year Anniversary! 😃




  12. 😱 1 WEEK TO GO!! 😱


    We hope to see everyone at our 3 year anniversary! ❤️


    All information can be found here: https://truckersmp.com/events/20-rlc3-year-anniversary



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    2. Mayukh


      i can wait

    3. Velo.


      Of course your the awkward one mayo 😂

  13. I wish everyone a good weekend! ❤️




  14. During yesterday's stream I achieved 3k followers on my Twitch channel! 😍


    This is an amazing achievement and I want to thank everyone for watching and supporting my streams! 😊


    Much love to everyone! ❤️


    🔗 twitch.tv/beau10_


  15. Howdy! 👋


    I am now LIVE on Twitch with Admin work!


    Feel free to join the stream to have some fun! ❤️



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