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  1. Hello! I have an idea, what can maybe make the truckersmp more appealing to realistic drivers. Idea is that you can make a new server called maybe "Realistic Server, Realistic Server 2" and so on. In that Server the AI would be turned on and the truck speedlimit set to 90km/h since currently its 110 on trucks, which is really unrealistic. In realistic server admins and mods would have to look after people that they're driving realistic. I really want that idea to become true since I am tired of driving in singleplayer and also everytime in Truckersmp you try to overtake even in a car, I just get kicked from the server. If I drive with a car in real life I would always overtake trucks that are driving 80-85 km/h, so I don't understand why you get kicked for that. I know that it's a lot of work but after that server would be done, the realistic drivers would be thankful. Its just so sad to drive 90km/h and then some guy comes 110km/h IN A TRUCK and passes you or you can't overtake.
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