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  1. Ok I got the login screen. I now ran the launcher as an administrator. Thanks for the help all!
  2. I followed all these steps but I don't get the login screen at 03:20 at your video. Only difference is that I have no seperate shortcuts for ETS2 and ATS, I only got the Truckersmp schortcut which can boot both games. I've followed these steps. Privacy settings are public and Steam Family Sharing is disabled. Still no success...
  3. I followed the steps and looked up guides, I got the launcher to work properly but when I start up either ETS2 or ATS, it looks just like the normal game. There's no signs of the multiplayer mod anywhere. How do I tell it's properly set up? And if not, what am I doing wrong? This site here as verified I own the games and I'm logged into Steam. I'm using the Truckersmp launcher to boot up ETS2 or ATS. Some videos I've looked up had a Truckersmp ingame bootup screen where you enter login details, but I don't have that.
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