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  5. Hello,
    today I updated the Radios Pack, so if you are interested, read on :) 


    First of all, thanks for reading and maybe downloading this pack :) 


    What is new:

    As first thing I fixed all bitrates :)



    • Spoiler


      • 1.FM
      • 89.0 RTL
      • Allzic Radio
      • Some names with special symbols
        (Russia and so, Greece symbols is work in progress)
      • Chroma Radio
      • Donat FM
      • Jazz Radio
      • MFM
      • RMF (+ some new stations)
      • NRJ.at, NRJ.ch, NRJ.de, NRJ.ru, NRJ.bg, NRJ.ua, ...
      • Zaycev FM
      • sunshine live
      • eskaGO.pl




    • Spoiler


      • NRJ http://nrj.com/
      • 16Bit.FM (+ all stations)
      • Radio 105 (+ all stations)
      • Rupsy.ru (+ all stations)



    Added - Russia:

    • Spoiler


      • 101.ru
      • Relax FM
      • Europa Plus
      • Kamchatka Live
      • Love Radio
      • Melon Radio
      • Monte Carlo (RU)
      • Potokovoe.Ru
      • DFM



    ...And many others...


    Completely rebuilded:

    • Spoiler


      • Greek stations (Thanks @Doxxyz for the help)
      • Slovenian stations



    Stopped working (For now I keep it here)

    • Spoiler


      • eskago.pl
      • Akous.gr



    This is not ALL! Download it and you´ll see ;)


    Download can be found here: https://bit.ly/2JTz41P



  6. Happy Birthday, mate :) 

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      Silent Death_53

      Thank you so much, Mate <3

  7. Ford has interesting design, but.. It looks like a mix of Daf, Volvo & Scania so I don´t know…
  8. Can´t wait for Range T. Should be good, but I´m little bit worry about the quality, cause it's an old model.
  9. Good night, TMP <3


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    Game "Cities"