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  1. 1. Its heavily illegal to do 160kph with a truck 2. Its near to impossible 3. ETS2 truck struggle to go over 120kph
  2. I think the cars should be there as its realistic (IRL there will be not only cars but vans, bikes etc.. so bassicly should be a part of the simulation) BUT there should be a system if you were banned once for a Scout related thing you get your perms revoked and can not spawn in a scout car
  3. ItzAlex021

    ATS Cars

    Suggestion Name: Car Suggestion Description: Replace the Skoda (Scout Car) in ATS MP with a truck of somekind that can be seen in U.S.A for example Ford F-150 Any example images: Why should it be added?: It seems more realistic to that area rather than a skoda (Scout Car) and it would be more fun.
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